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Free download iPhone Life Magazine - - magazine, book reading online without registration!. All the issues of iPhone Life Magazine on our Newsstand. Get the subscription to iPhone Life Magazine and get your Digital Magazine on your device. Plus, iPhone Life readers are getting a special discount when they enter a unique code. Read on to learn which charger is right for you and how to claim your.

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Download iPhone Life Magazine - Spring magazine for free from ebookbiz. To download click on the following link. Download iPhone Life Magazine - Summer magazine for free from ebookbiz. To download click on the following link. Title: iPhone+iPad Life Magazine April, Author: The Manager, Name: From this list of options, you can also create a PDF version of your.

Slack makes it easier to serve your time. Once in the app, you can peruse the gallery of templates until you find a look you like. To learn more, go to iPhoneLife. Plus, it offers video flyovers of every hole and club tracking that shows the location and distance of every club you hit. I have found this handmic to be an awesome tool for gathering person-on-the-street interviews and other spontaneous recordings. To pin or delete an email, simply swipe left on the preview.

It not only lets you print from your desktop but also allows you to send documents directly from your iPhone. When your physical, mental, and emotional health are on track, your productivity levels soar.

Our feature web writer Conner Carey loves her Alta. An underrated feature, she says, is the stand reminders, which serve as a cue to get up, stretch, and check in with yourself. Taking those small breaks in the midst of busy activity can help you to work better for longer.

We first listened to these beauties from 1More in a busy hall at the Consumer Electronics Show and were immediately wowed by such crisp, full sound coming from an in-ear headphone. They also are great for listening to music and tuning out distractions. You can use both. Try using a Moleskine next time you feel like journaling and see how it feels.

A standing desk that will take you from sitting to standing with the click of a button. Aside from lifting and lowering like the previous model, this smart desk pairs with your phone and uses AI to learn your habits and help you do things like stay hydrated, catch an Uber, order lunch, or listen to your favorite Spotify playlist.

Get ready to feel less sluggish while you work and more empowered by the ability to adapt your work environment to your needs.

With a backlit keyboard and Smart Connectors for easily attaching your iPad Pro, this case is our absolute favorite. The Slim Combo comes in two pieces, including a case with a kickstand for propping your tablet for video calls and media viewing, and a Smart Connector folio keyboard cover that you never need to pair or charge.

Our feature web writer Leanne Hayes had been looking for a bag that could not only accommodate her glasses, laptop, notebook, pens, snacks, water bottle, and wallet, but also keep it all contained, organized, and safe. It includes a designated section for every item and, most importantly, protects your laptop with a suspended pouch to cushion it from jolts and jostles.

Since many models can begin to hurt your ears after an hour or so of use, finding a nice set of headphones that you can wear all day is vital. Rheanne wears the NightHawks while editing video tips and is so happy with them. All that typing and carrying can be hard on your hands, and holding your device at different angles or while carrying other items can be a real pain.

The PopSocket enables you to hold your device comfortably without cramping and acts as a convenient desktop stand so you can rest your phone on its side and keep the display clearly visible. With USB and Lightning cable compatibility, you can use the Raspberry to conduct interviews on the go with your iPhone or iPad or in the studio connected to your laptop or desktop computer. We use mics from Blue to record the iPhone Life Podcast, and contributors use Raspberry mics at tradeshows and events to conduct interviews.

With this silicone sleeve by FRTMA, your coveted accessory finally has the magnetic grip Apple should have built into it! Stay Organized with Channels Referring to Slack as a work chat platform feels like an injustice. One feature that sets Slack apart is its Channels feature, which helps you avoid tedious email chains and extra meetings. Channels allow you to communicate with your team by department or project, instead of by direct message only.

To set up a channel on your iPhone, tap the plus icon in the upper right corner of the channel list.

Tap Create and enter in a name and purpose for your channel. If you make your channel public, anyone in the company can join; if you set it to private, you can invite people by tapping the name of the channel, then Members, then Invite. Get Answers with a Poll Have you ended up on the party planning committee against your will? Slack makes it easier to serve your time. Trying to decide what kind of pizza to get for the next office luncheon?

Save a lot of unnecessary debate by creating a quick poll in Slack. To respond to the poll on your iOS device, just tap the number that corresponds to your answer of choice. While we like to do things like set goofy profile pics and play pranks using Slackbot, one of the easiest ways to have fun with Slack is to send GIFs. Let Giphy take it from there! You can give the message some love with minimal effort by reacting to it. From there, you can set a schedule to match your work hours, so notifications will be snoozed at night until work begins the next day.

Encrypt Text People tend to use Evernote for everything. So, naturally, security is a top concern. One Evernote feature worth highlighting is the ability to encrypt text. To set this up, open the desktop app and select the text you want to encrypt, go to Edit in the menu, and then select Encrypt Selected Text.

Evernote will ask you to set and confirm a password. This password protects your Evernote login by sending you a text with a code to enter. Use Templates The ability to create and use templates is a feature often overlooked, but widely used.


Templates are notes designed for repeated use for things like meeting agendas, forms, and checklists. To get started, create a new notebook in Evernote titled Templates. Create a note in the Templates notebook with information you want to reuse. Now open your templated note and tap the three dots in the upper right. Select Duplicate Note, rename it to suit your needs, and then use the Share icon to move the new note to a different notebook.

The original will have remained intact. Email Content to Evernote Inevitably, some emails in your inbox are worth saving. By forwarding them to Evernote, you can turn them from inbox fodder to smart action items. You can use the subject line to inject some smarts into where it shows up. To add the email to a specific notebook, insert [notebook name]; to set a reminder, insert!

Reminder; and to add a tag, insert tag. Free accounts are limited to five emails. Save Web Pages Do you keep lots of tabs open in your browser? Using this tool, you can either clip the entire web page to Evernote, save it as a bookmark, or slim it down to text-only for minimalist consumption.

You can even set a reminder to look at it later. To get the Web Clipper working on your iPhone or iPad, just use the Share icon in your mobile browser. Next, select the Evernote app and choose which notebook to store your content in, which tags to use, and what to call the note. Back Up Your Files When it comes to backing up files, triple redundancy is the golden rule for me.

Evernote files exist in the Evernote cloud server, and they are also stored on your computer if you have the desktop app. But, mistakes happen! Beyond making a Time-Machine backup of your Mac which is always a good idea , you can back up Evernote manually. You can upload the file to iCloud Files, Dropbox, or just drop it onto a thumb drive. Create Multiple Journals I use my journal for a variety of purposes: I now have six different journals, each of which serve their own purpose.

To add a journal, simply tap Journal in the top left corner of the app and select New Journal. Now whenever you want to create a new entry, just select Journal, navigate to your desired one, and tap the plus icon. However, even regular Day One users might not realize all the other things they can do once they begin an entry. For instance, you can change the day of an entry by tapping the date at the top. My favorite feature is the ability to dictate journal entries by tapping the microphone icon.

iPhone Life Magazine - Spring Free PDF magazine Download

Share Your Favorite Entries Although the idea of sharing journal entries might be hard to imagine for some like me , the option is there for those who enjoy doing so. There are a few different ways to do this.

Life pdf iphone magazine

The easiest way to access these options is to swipe left on individual Day One entries in the list view. From this list of options, you can also create a PDF version of your journal entry and choose how you want to share it.

You can also share your entries in book form by selecting the Settings icon from the main page, tapping Book Printing, and then Create a Book. Tag Your Entries It took me a while to get in the habit of tagging my journal entries, but now I see just how valuable it is for revisiting past thoughts. The great thing about Day One is that my journals remain on my phone, so I can write about whatever I want.

Create Checklists I think checklists are the greatest thing in the world. They help me stay on top of so many tasks. Trello makes it easy to stay on top of my lists at each stage of completion. Create a list by tapping Add List and then typing a title. Next, create a new card by tapping Add Card and filling it out, then tapping Checklist and filling out your checklist. You can move your checklist card to a different board by tapping the three-circle icon in the upper right corner and tapping Move Card.

You can make your life a bit easier by setting a unique background color or image for each board. You change your background image by going to the board, then selecting the three dots at the top right.

Tap the gear icon, then tap Background. From there, you can set a new color or photograph as your background. Collaborate on Projects Cards are designed to be buckets that can hold lots of data.

You can link to websites, attach files, or talk to team members about a task or idea included on the card. You can leave comments by tapping Comment under the Activity section. There, you can leave a link, jot down thoughts about the subject for your team to see, or attach a document or file. To attach a document, simply press the paperclip to the right of the comment box and choose what you want to attach.

Most files will attach directly to the card, but some formats, like a Dropbox attachment, will instead link back to the source. Use Power-Ups! Free users get access to Calendar and Voting Power-Ups two of the most useful ones available , while paying users get access to Power-Ups for Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive, to name a few.

To access this feature, go to a board, and tap the three dots at the top right. Tap Power-Ups and choose whichever one you wish to use. The calendar Power-Up will help keep track of due dates for you in an easy-to-view manner. This will help you stay on top of your ever-growing to-do list. A person can gain access to all your accounts if they figure out your one and only password, and you can easily lose a written list.

LastPass makes it easy by securely managing your passwords in one place. You can enter in your own passwords, or let the app generate secure ones for you. You can access this lesser-known yet valuable feature by logging in to the app, then tapping Notes on the top access bar. Once there, click the plus sign to the top right and select which one you want to store. You can also add a picture by tapping on the paperclip along the top of the entry. To do this, create an entry or go to an existing entry you want to change.

Tap Generate New Password. Once there, you can customize your password generation to your liking. Press the refresh symbol to the right of the password until you find a password that you like.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication Are you concerned that your fingerprint sensor or facial recognition are not secure enough to keep your LastPass account safe? If so, you can set up LastPass with two-factor authentication to increase your security by requiring you to verify your identity on a second device before accessing your vault.

You can use the companion LastPass Authenticator free app to prevent other people from trying to log in, or you can download Authy free , another great two-factor authentication app. Allow Emergency Access How will those left behind manage your accounts in case something terrible befalls you?

Instead, activate Emergency Access on LastPass and have peace of mind knowing that loved ones can finish the work you left behind. The emergency contact will receive instructions on what to do from there. It forced me to take a hard look at my spending and get hands on with it.

The app is based on simple principles put into an effective and efficient format to help you get and stay out of debt. Tap Accounts from the bottom menu and you can link directly to your bank account through a secure process. You can make a manual budget instead. This will help you determine how best to make your money work for you. If you ever wonder what to do, the help files and support community are broad and deep. Just tap on a field and type your projected expenses for each budget category.

You can even add custom categories if you want. Then, when you make a transaction, file it under the right category and watch as the app automatically subtracts the amount from your projected budget. Once you hit your limit, you either stop spending in that area or you can transfer money from another category to account for the overage with no stress involved.

Record Your Transactions Make sure that you always, always, always record your transactions. If you connected your budget to your bank account, then you get to skip this step, since YNAB will automatically import your income and expenses into the app.

Then you just have to sort everything into the right categories. Pictured here, you can see me recording a credit card expense. You can select an individual account, determine which payee the money comes from, and even color code your transactions, depending on your needs at the time or your organizational habits. To add a card, just go to the Accounts tab and change the account type to Credit Card.

Input the amount you owe, and YNAB will take you to another screen that gives you goals to help you pay down your debt. Spark made me love my inbox again, offering a way to quickly check hundreds of emails and never miss an important message with its Smart Inbox.

Your Smart Inbox shows you all your unread emails organized by category when you open the app. To pin or delete an email, simply swipe left on the preview. Swipe right to either mark it as read or move it to archives. Better yet, if a category has lots of emails you need to go through quickly, look for the check mark in the upper right corner.

Tap it, and all the emails usually three shown will be marked as read and removed from the list of unread emails. To turn on Smart Notifications, tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner to open the main menu. At the bottom, select Settings, then Mail Accounts, and tap the inbox of your choice. Under Notification Preferences, select Smart. Understand Your Inbox Categories What makes Spark so efficient is how it shows you your most important emails first and other categories below, descending in order of importance.

To do this, Spark breaks up your emails into three main categories: Personal, Notifications, and Newsletters. These emails are meant to be from people you personally know, although anyone who is sending an email directly to your email address will show up here. This category appears at the top by default.

iPhone Life - Best Apps, Top Tips, Great Gear

These emails are alerts sent directly to you from companies. This category is for everything else that we may or may not want to check. This is the category I have the most emails in, and keeping them all together makes the rest of my inbox instantly more organized. Add an Additional Email Account You likely enabled access to all your mail accounts when you first downloaded and opened Spark.

In case you want to add a new account, open Spark and tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner. Select the service Google, Yahoo, iCloud, etc. Enter your login information for that email account, tap Log in, and grant Spark permissions to your account information. Tap Done. You can easily browse pre-made Applets by tapping the Discover tab along the bottom. If you click Search on the bottom of the screen, you can also look for specific Applets by keyword. When you find one that you like, select it and then tap Turn On.

You can make your own! Maybe you want to upload a photo to Instagram and have it automatically upload to a specific Facebook folder too. To do this, go to My Applets, then click the plus icon at the top right. Click next, then click Finish. Just tap on My Applets at the bottom of the screen, then select the Applet you would like to turn off.

Toggle it off. For instance, this Applet would upload any new photo I took from my iPhone and back it up to my Google Drive. To turn the Applet back on, I would simply toggle it on. You can permanently delete an Applet by going to My Applets, selecting the one you want to delete, and then tapping the Settings icon in the upper right. Now scroll down and select Delete.

If you want to change or adjust the Applet, you can do that from this screen as well. Change All Your Social Media Profile Pictures When you update your profile picture on Facebook, would you like to easily change it across your social media accounts all in one step? To do this, simply create a new Applet by navigating to My Applets and tapping the plus icon.

Tap next. You do this by navigating to My Applets and tapping the plus icon. Fill out the details and finish off as before. Grant is the founding editor of Real Leaders Real-Leaders. I interview celebrities and business leaders around the world, and seeing each other makes a big difference to the quality of the discussion.

This amazing app has helped me find my way around new cities and countries. I preload my meetings and events on the map and use offline GPS to walk, drive, or run to my next appointment. Uber drivers sometimes have great stories and give you an instant sense of the local culture. Voice Memos: When I conduct Skype interviews or come across someone intriguing on the go, I record them using the built-in Voice Memos app to focus on the discussion and get the transcription done later.

Life magazine pdf iphone

Google Analytics: Google Translate: With the help of this app, I once had a whole conversation with an Italian nun in a monastery in Rome—despite not knowing Italian! Also, this app is good for translating road and subway signs. PromptSmart Pro: I use this voice-activated teleprompter app to automatically scroll through my speech while addressing an audience. It pauses when you stop speaking and starts again when you talk.

Since , jobs in computer science have grown by percent according to a recent Pew Research Center report, making them the fastest-growing occupations in the United States.

However, while the field of computer science is brimming with opportunity, women and minorities fill a disproportionately small number of these positions.

According to the Pew report, only 7 percent of computer jobs are filled by African Americans and 7 percent by Hispanic workers, while these populations comprise 12 percent and 17 percent of the US labor force, respectively.

The report found that while women in the states have come close to closing the overall labor force gap now filling 47 percent of jobs , their percentage in computer-related jobs has actually dropped from 32 to 25 percent in the past three decades. The study observes an interesting correlation: Big tech companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook have been in the national spotlight in recent years for their unequal employment of women and minorities, and many of them have launched programs to increase diversity in their workforces in response.

Even while the public criticizes these programs for not doing enough Google employs women in just 20 percent of its tech positions and Apple in just 23 percent , there has simultaneously been a backlash, culminating in a leaked internal memo written by ex-Google engineer James Damore last July claiming that diversity programs at Google resulted in reverse discrimination and that women were inherently less biologically suited to tech jobs.

Twin brothers Hadi and Ali Partovi launched Code. Students complete coding exercises using Code. Image source: Now he spends his time trying to bring computer science courses to every public school. Their success has been outstanding: In a conversation with iPhone Life, Hadi Partovi responds to the diversity backlash and makes the case for why computer science needs women and minorities more than ever. Encouraging girls and underrepresented minorities to learn computer science is a central part of your mission.

Why is that important? This is important not only because computer science leads to the best paying careers, but because in the 21st century, a. Yet girls and students of color are still systematically left behind in this critical field. To address stereotypes and biases, Code. Our professional learning programs feature sessions that help educators understand the importance of diversity and address ways to avoid unintentional biases in interacting and recruiting students.

The results speak for themselves: Close to 12 million of them are girls. Our students are almost half female, almost half underrepresented minorities. Our diversity numbers and scale are unprecedented because of the incredible work of almost a million teachers who offer our courses as part of the K—12 school system.

What are some of the causes you see as contributing to the gender gap and underrepresentation of people of color in computer programming? Our focus is on the diversity gap in K—12 education. There are three factors that contribute to the problem in our school systems: This is particularly true in underprivileged urban and rural schools.

Consider this: Computer science is the most-valued subject in all education, and we believe students should have equal access to study it. And with no concerted efforts to recruit diversity, preconceived stereotypes are perpetuated through self-selection, or even through school efforts that reflect the unconscious biases of society.

With few to no role models, girls and underrepresented minorities make the assumption that computer science is not for them. Traditionally computer science has been taught as a math course, and that only attracts one type of student. How are you working to close the diversity gap? After immigrating from Iran and becoming a developer for Microsoft before founding Code. Now he spends his time trying to bring computer science courses to every K—12 school.

What is your response to this? Debating this, or even asking this question, is offensive to women. A study from the University of Toronto shows that genes make no difference in the ability to learn computer science. There is no evidence that biological factors hold women back from learning to code. UCLA research shows that the way computer science is taught in schools disadvantages women. The problems we witness over and over again are accessibility and social stereotyping.

Common sense would suggest that having programmers from different backgrounds would lead to a diversity of ideas. Do you have any examples from your organization that support this notion?

We also pilot our courses and our ideas with a nationwide network of about teaching experts that also bring a diversity of opinions. At Code. What hiring practices do you use to promote diversity? Considering there are fewer women and minorities entering the computer science workforce, do you find balancing your diversity efforts with a more merit-based approach to be a conflict of interest? Diversity is a core value at Code.

The most important tactics we use are to proactively recruit diverse candidates and to screen resumes without knowing the race or gender of applicants to prevent unconscious bias. As one example, when we were hiring software engineers from university, we hid their names when screening the resumes, and afterwards when we looked at the names we picked, our best candidates were women. What is your response to these criticisms?

iPhone Life Magazine

We achieve diversity by broadening access, by teaching computer science as early as kindergarten before stereotypes kick in, and by expanding it from being a math course to include app-making and creativity. Our students pass the high school A.

Our results speak for themselves. Why or why not? It could be wrong to assume that unequal outcomes are only a result of unequal opportunity. How can we create tech workplaces that are more welcoming to all employees? Yet any seasoned gardener will tell you that it can be a frustrating process to actually get to that point. I grew up on a farm, where I watched my grandparents and my parents grow gorgeous vegetable gardens that we enjoyed throughout the year.

These apps and smart tools take the guesswork out of gardening. Because every plant is unique in its water needs, the Blossom app allows you to divide your garden into up to seven zones, based on what you have planted. Each zone gets its own watering scheduled based on need and local weather patterns. The app alerts you to changing weather conditions such as rainfall, potential flooding, sudden temperature drops, and high wind, so you can bring indoor plants in for protection when necessary.

You have the option to attach a sensor to monitor soil temperature, an important factor when planting certain vegetables. In the app, you can check your moisture level against their database to make sure your garden is getting exactly what it needs to thrive. The connected app takes all of this information and cross-checks it with plant databases, soil science, and your local weather to give you guidance customized to your specific needs.

Not sure what to plant? Check the app to see what varieties thrive in the conditions of your garden and the most optimal places to plant them. The innovative design is mess-free—no dirt, water, or fertilizer is needed to grow up to 14 different plants at a time. Your WallGarden automatically dispenses the right amount of water for your plants and adjusts its LED lighting to provide the right amount of light, making it easier than ever to grow a garden.

Not sure what you want to plant? Just put the empty pot in the spot where you plan to keep it for 24 hours and let it measure the amount of sunlight and average temperature to get recommendations for what plants might do well there. If you prefer to tend your plants the old-fashioned way, the App Store has a great selection of apps to help you plan and manage your planting, many of them free.

The free Garden Compass app makes plant identification a snap, literally—just take a photo of an unknown plant, upload it to the app, and instantly get detailed information about it from garden and horticulture experts. Their database also identifies common pests and plant diseases and offers information about how to combat them. Planning is just as important as planting; some plants coexist peacefully, while others will fight for resources if planted too closely.

The app allows you to narrow your search by sun and water requirements, hardiness, colors, and height. Founded in , the same yearly almanac that your grandparents and maybe even greatgrandparents used to help plan their yearly planting is now available in app form. This app guides you through the entire process of selecting, planting, tending, and harvesting more than 40 different herbs and vegetables.

The app helps you select companion plants that grow well together and also includes information about common garden pests and how to deal with them organically. Jacqui Lane fell in love with technology the first time she laid eyes on a blinking DOS cursor and has been exploring and writing about it professionally for more than 12 years.

Her writing has appeared on USAToday. The first thing you need to do is protect your personal information. That will at least prevent the thief from using your phone. If your iPhone was issued to you by your employer, your IT department may be able to remotely delete the data, too.

Contact them to learn about your options. When you discover that your iPhone has gone missing, you may feel anger, worry, and surprise. What you do right away when your iPhone is stolen is very important. It could make the difference in protecting your data or getting your phone back. Following these 11 steps can help you recover it or, at the very least, minimize the damage a stolen phone can result in.

Life magazine pdf iphone

Good luck. Sign in to iCloud. Before you cancel your service, try tracking your phone using Find My iPhone. The only catch? You need to have set up Find My iPhone before your phone was stolen. But sometimes I will wake up in the morning to find my iPhone didn't charge overnight because it was slightly off-kilter on my charging pad. I am a big advocate of digital conversions of popular board games. I can carry the digital equivalent of a physical shelf full of analog board games in my iPad and never worry about misplacing any game pieces.

I also don't have to scour over rules whenever a questionable action comes into play, since the digital app almost always alerts me of any invalid moves or valid options. Most importantly, the AI opponents in the digital interpretations means there is always someone to play the game with. Having a timer with you at all times is incredibly handy. I often use the Timer when I have about 30 minutes before I need to leave the house, so I can catch up on dishes without being late.

Here's how to set a timer on your iPhone. By Sarah Kingsbury. In the th episode of the iPhone Life Insider Podcast, tune in as the team shares their favorite apps for reading, listening to podcasts, and getting on a good cleaning routine at home.

Stick around for an exclusive Insider discussion of how to manage your app subscriptions on the iPhone. Most people prefer listening to audio on their AirPods in stereo where sound is fed through at least two channels. This requires listening to both AirPods to get the full dual-channel experience.

But what if you only want to use one AirPod? Switching to this single channel setting means you'll be able to hear all the audio from either AirPod, so you can choose which AirPod to use. Looking up your choices for "Food delivery near me" and not happy with the results? Grubhub orders can also be placed for pickup, but the real advantage of Grubhub is having the menus and pricing of local restaurants all on one app.

Have you ever wished you could set up an auto-reply text message on your iPhone for times when you can't or don't want respond to text messages? Well, Do Not Disturb While Driving has an auto-reply feature that sends a message to people who text you letting them know you're driving and can't reply.

If you want to send auto-replies even when you're not driving, all you have to do is customize the message and then use Do Not Disturb While Driving instead of the regular Do Not Disturb when you are in meetings or are otherwise unable to answer texts.

Here's how to set this feature to be used with ease! By Leanne Hays. One of my favorite uses for my iPhone is taking and sharing pictures, but with so many different methods and platforms, it can get a little tricky. In this guide, I'll cover everything I've learned about saved images and photos, including how to save and share them from text and iMessage, from email, with AirDrop and iCloud, from Shared Albums, and even social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Magazine iphone pdf life

Let's get started! Even though a flip image like this is an accurate photo, it looks strange, and it sure would be nice to have a way to flip it back. How do you like to read on your iPhone? I love using Kindle on my iPhone to read in line at the bank, store, or even while waiting to get gas. I can adjust the font size, look up definitions, highlight text, or post from a book to Facebook. Even better than that?

Now all those crappy commutes have turned into time I actually look forward to! Plus, it feels so luxurious to have delicious coffee each morning. I simply take a photo at some point in my day, and at the end of a month I get to create a short video showcasing all of my little moments.