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to create printable PDF of the official Magento Designer's Guide documentation . My starting point for development was official Designer's guide. . I just want to express my gratitude, thanks for the design guide, you rocks!. Designer's Guide to Magento expands your knowledge of the structural workings of Magento and the methods of designing for Magento. This guide first introduces Magento CE and its key concepts, and then Chapter 8, “Design and Content,” page , describes how to customize the look-.

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No part of this Guide shall be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, 2 MAGENTO DESIGN CONCEPTS AND TERMINOLOGY. Magento Commerce User Guide iii Design. Autosettings. Gift Options . Downloadable PDF User Guide (You are here!). structural, conceptual workings and methods of designing for Magento—It http ://

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