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The Journey Home Book - Autobiography of an American Swami - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Summary of “ Journey. The Journey Home book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Within this extraordinary memoir, Radhanath Swami weaves a colorf . Books Download The Journey Home [PDF, ePub] by Radhanath Swami Read Online Full Free "Click Visit button" to access full FREE ebook.

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As The Eagle Cries: Sharon's Journey home. Read more Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home From the Moon. Read more. Description this book Within this extraordinary memoir, Radhanath Swami weaves a colorful tapestry of adventure, mysticism and love. PDF File Radhanath Swami pdf, Download Radhanath Swami epub Download The Journey Home. PDF File, Download Radhanath Swami ebook Download The Journey. This books (The Journey Home [PDF]) Made by Radhanath Swami About Books Within this extraordinary memoir, Radhanath Swami weaves.

Some attacked the opposing point of view while others refrained from argument by keeping the subject vague. Published by Mandala Publishing Kerner Blvd. It may change your life. No notes for slide. Want to Read saving….

Home pdf journey

Radhanath Swami never loses his humanness. In every chapter there is a glimpse of the great souls which have influenced his www. This book is a must read for all spiritual seekers.

Published by Mandala Publishing Kerner Blvd. Unit , San Rafael, CA Trying desperately to access the continent within, he sets out first for Europe, visiting cathedrals, holy places, and hippie hotspots. Western religious ideals and the models who exemplify them are his first natural guideposts and ports of call. He is open, nonsectarian and, most of all, earnest. Ultimately, he arrives in India by the end of , where he finds himself living the life of a wandering sadhu, a mendicant, with little money and fewer resources.

His travels lead him in many directions, both geographically and philosophically, and the reader watches him age with the wisdom of centuries. In a few months, his young world is augmented by experience and realization. We accompany him into a magical land of yoga, meditation, and soul-stirring revelations. At various points in his journey, he meets deformed lepers and frightening Naga Babas, contemplative Buddhists and mystic yogis—even old friends from the West and angelic devotees.

We meet many nameless luminaries as well, and those whose names, if not for Radhanath Swami, we would have never heard. Our blossoming seeker meditates under the original Bodhi Tree—the Buddha himself meditated and achieved enlightenment here! Each experience inches him closer to his goal. We witness, with him, the burning of dead bodies in Benares and fascinating pilgrimages to ancient cities and inner worlds where life takes on new meaning, high in the Himalayas, Tibet, and in holylands innumerable.

The book is replete with touching, heartwarming and sometimes heart-rending episodes—like when he rejects the advances of a beautiful woman for the sake of his quest, or when he feelingly and with tears bids his harp goodbye, throwing it, once and for all, in the River Ganges, or when he meets his eternal guru.

The Journey Home Book - Autobiography of an American Swami

All such scenes are recreated for the reader with deep emotion and storytelling expertise. Both descriptive writing and perceptive analysis are plentiful in this book, making it a precious gem that will enrich the reader with its shining brilliance. The meeting with his eternal guru is, in many ways, the most pivotal episode in the book.

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The Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swami

William J. Adult Coloring Books: Strategies for Improving your Emotional Intelligence: Personalized gratitude journal, Pages,6 x 9 Signature Analysis: Download [PDF] Hypnosis: Download [PDF] Journal: Manipulation, Deception and Persuasion Exposed: Music Icons: Download [PDF] Quiescence: Download [PDF] Rage: Srila Prabhupada slowly leaned forward, his face perfectly relaxed and full lips curved downward at the edges.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor, his elbows rested on the low table in front of him and his hands were clasped together under his chin. The Supreme Lord is simultaneously personal and impersonal.

It is an eternal truth that He is both formless and that He has an eternal, blissful form. With one hand Srila Prabhupada stretched his index finger upward. And Bhagavan is the personal form of God, who is the energetic source and never under the influence of illusion. Take for example the sun. The form of the sun as a planet and the formless sunlight can never be separated, as they exist simultaneously.

The Journey Home

They are different aspects of the sun. Similarly, there are two different schools of transcendentalists who focus on different aspects of the one truth. There is no contradiction. Qualitatively we are one with God, being eternal, full of knowledge, and full of bliss.

Home pdf journey

But quantitatively, we are always but a part, just as the sunray is but a tiny part of the sun and yet has the same qualities as the sun. We are both one with God and different from God. God is the independent controller, but when the soul misuses his God-given independence, he forgets his relation to the Lord and falls into illusion and subsequent suffering. He had simply revealed Himself in different ways at different times. How beautiful. With these simple and intelligent words, Srila Prabhupada had harmonized two apparently opposing views.

As I listened to him, tears of appreciation welled up in my eyes. Yes, now it all makes so much sense, I thought. A dilemma that had confused my progress was now completely removed. A spontaneous, joyous smile stretched across my face. Srila Prabhupada reciprocated with a smile, too, one endowed with both wisdom and serenity. View 2 comments. Dec 12, Ryan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Indiaphiles, religious people and lovers of a great story. I don't know how widely available this book is published in in India by an Indian publisher , but I think it may explode in popularity!

The author was a Jewish-American kid from the Chicago area that that was immersed in the hippy counter culture of the time. Then at the age of 19 decided to go on a quest to find spiritual and personal truth. He flies to Europe with friends, hitchhikes from London hitchhikes through some of Europe's most I don't know how widely available this book is published in in India by an Indian publisher , but I think it may explode in popularity!

He flies to Europe with friends, hitchhikes from London hitchhikes through some of Europe's most famous tourist destinations Amsterdam, Florence, Rome, Athens, etc. This is in , he's got to get through Turkey where there's a cholera epidemic! I was jaw dropped and thrilled to be reading it in the prologue, in the first chapter I knew I was holding gold divided into pages! And when it is made into a movie because it will be, whether by Hollywood or Bollywood the cast of cameos is going to be incredible!

Krishnamurti, Mother Theresa; sees Indian yogis levitate and read minds; and all the while morphs from a shaggy, pot smoking hippy to a wandering ascetic beggar in search of god to a spiritual teacher and Swami. A truly amazing and inspirational story! Hare hare: View all 3 comments. Truly amazing and inspiring story of the spiritual journey of Radanath Swami as he explores many spiritual traditions across Europe, through the Middle East and India to find his heart's calling as a Vaishnava monk.

View 1 comment. Apr 03, Suchita rated it it was amazing. A very nicely written book that will motivate you and will make you witness the bitter realities of life.

Its a common story of a common man as you and me go through in our daily life. We meet impostors, quacks, charlatans.. Some of us becomes a part of this society of black heart people , some accepts it as the only truth and exceptionally few fights back. Those exceptional souls don't let anyone to dilute their soul and corrupt their heart.

Some of the incidents from this book are a g A very nicely written book that will motivate you and will make you witness the bitter realities of life. Some of the incidents from this book are a great lesson to learn from like "We must not run after things we desire rather appreciate what we getting". As at many places where Radhanath Swami went through the toughest time of his life, were the moments where he received the greatest blessing from Krishna.

We meet people only when its the right time. Because "GOD has a plan for each and everyone of us". Then being happy is in our hand, If you truly wish to be Happy, you just need to faith on Krishna. And you must not run after the momentary gain of this materialistic life.

Home pdf journey

Because life starts from where these moments of materialist life dies. Lot many things to absorb from this book.. A Must read book: Nov 24, Madhu Gopal rated it it was amazing. Great read. Real page turner. When is the movie coming out? Jul 04, Jyoti rated it really liked it. My first autobiography read. It was gifted by a spiritual uncle at the time I lost my mother, as an attempt to help settle me The book took many weeks to finish because of distractions and preoccupations but I did seek it out despite much mental and physical confusion.

It offered a fluid and believable read. Radhanath Swami's journey from a 19 year old American Jew boy to become Srila Prabhupada's follower 2 years later was full of tough travels, conflicting experiences and much exploration.

I My first autobiography read. It took him 6 months to reach India through Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan by land and with little or no money.

I admired his determination and belief in his own quest. It was a surprise that the idea of India came to an American teenager in the s when this country was even less tourist-friendly or known.

It was good to know about all the sadhus he met--including Neem Karoli Baba who I'd heard about only in Steve Jobs' context--and his genuine interest in learning from them. I felt sorry for his troubles so many times and heaved a sigh of relief each time he got to eat anything substantial. After all his doubts, learnings, struggles, I've to say, however, that I was disappointed with his final decision to connect with a glamourous brand like Iskcon.

Much as I enjoy going into clean and large Iskcon temples, eating its lovely prasad or buying rosary beads from its Delhi store, in its present state, Iskcon's concept brings many doubts to mind about its mission. And, this is when I believe in Krishna as a God too.

Home pdf journey

Recently, when I asked a young Sivanand Ashram Swami about his impressions of Iskcon's mandate and method, he said that it has evolved into something that may not have been Srila Prabhupada's vision of it. To my own mind, Iskcon promotes a cult movement by offering music, dancing and single-minded chanting of a mantra.

It's almost as if it's created a template that is attractive to adopt by Western seekers. I realize that many would advice me to keep my own heart and quest clear instead of deriding any sect but for now my impression of Iskcon is based on my experience of it And yet, I do not mean to trivialize Richard Slavin's journey to find God and a guru. I'm full of admiration for his hardships and bravery to leave a comfortable life.

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The book itself is well written for someone who hadn't kept notes on his experiences and wrote about them 35 years later. Aug 27, Kavesh rated it it was amazing. Truly marvelous book. I had been a interested in the book reading since childhood, and have read various books but this book is just a different one.

Extreme adventures and yet true!! No movie maker or a fiction writer can ever imagine to compose such a story! The book is replete with great adventurous and thrilling real-life events that take place in the life of a sincere seeker of the truth.

Aug 29, Erinmelissa rated it it was amazing. The reason is probably because it was pulling me in the direction of a more solitary spiritual journey and motherhood will be the opposite of that--just the wrong energy for the moment. Maybe I'll finish this book when my kid starts kindergarten. I still give the book 5 stars and I think it's going to be a great read for any serious student of spirituality--especially those seeking to develop a deep solitary practice or those who enjoy well-written spiritual travel-writing that reads like a novel.

Jan 18, Hanuman Dass rated it it was amazing Shelves: