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An Introduction to. Ultrasonic Motors. Toshiiku Sashida. Shinsei Industries. Tokyo , Japan and. Takashi Kenjo. Department of Electrical Engineering and Power. Introduction. Ultrasonic motors (USMs) belong to the class of piezoelectric motors . In this work the term USM will be used for the motor only (power electronics. Introduction. Ultrasonic motors, which have superior characteristics like high torque at low speed, absence of magnetic interference, and compactness in size, .

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Following the historical background, ultrasonic motors using standing and traveling waves are introduced. Driving principles and motor characteristics are. †Atilim University, Mechatronics Engineering, Ankara, Turkey. 1. Introduction. Ultrasonic motors, which have superior characteristics like high. Download Citation on ResearchGate | An Introduction to Ultrasonic Motors | The ultrasonic motor, invented in , utilizes the piezoelectric effect in the.

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