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DOWNLOAD EPUB · Breathe · Read more Breathe by Abbi Glines Wild Child Culver City, California Breathe Copyright © by Abbi Glines . by Abbi Glines In my debut novel, Breathe, Sadie may have fallen in love with the teen rock star, Jax Stone, but readers fell head over heels for Marcus Hardy. Breathe book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Sadie White's summer job isn't going to be on the beach life-guarding or.

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Breathe by Abbi Glines Wild Child Culver City, California. Abbi Glines - Sea Breeze series. Abbi Glines - Breathe (Book 1).epub. KB. Abbi Glines - Because of Low (Book 2).epub. KB. (). cover image of Breathe. Breathe. Sea Breeze (Series). Book 1. Abbi Glines Author Kirby Heyborne Narrator (). cover image of Breathe · Breathe.

Marcus squeezed my hand and pulled me into the party. Yet another YA romance that has managed to garner far more positive reviews than it deserves. He leaned down toward my ear. Oh, Jax, why don't you exist?? We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads.

Little does Sadie know that this is the home of the very famous, drool-worthy, Jax Stone, the teen-heart-throb singer. Normally, they wouldn't hire a teenage girl to work Seventeen year-old Sadie White just moved from Tennessee to the Alabama coast with her mother.

Normally, they wouldn't hire a teenage girl to work for fear that she was some star-struck stalker, but Sadie proves herself and is hired on. Sure, she knows who Jax Stone is, but she's got bigger things to worry about than swooning over some spoiled teen rock-star. Sadie doesn't want to lose her job and the only source of income she has, so she stays completely neutral around Jax. When she's first around him, Sadie barely makes eye contact.

Sea Breeze Series

This is a little hard to do when Jax openly stares at her. You see, Sadie has inherited her mother's stunning looks, a fact she is completely unaware of. Jax is immediately drawn to Sadie, she's so mature for her age and isn't affected by his persona. But Jax is only there for the summer and he knows what his lifestyle does to people. So Jax tries to stay away from Sadie and fails miserably. This is especially hard when Jax sees Marcus, one of the servers, taking Sadie under his wing and getting close.

I adored this story.

Abbi glines pdf breathe

I just was gaga over Jax! He ended up being such a sweet-heart, sweeping Sadie off her feet. She couldn't help but fall for him. Jax was never judgmental over Sadie's mom. He tried to make Sadie comfortable and not insult her situation in life. Sadie was such a good and kind girl with a big heart. I can't believe all the things she put up with her mother. I really wished Sadie would've called her mom out on her behavior!

She was a self-centered, horrible woman! I can't imagine a mother having her daughter buy her condoms, remind her to use them, and still manage to screw up. I could go on, and on, and on! I literally wanted to smack this mother! I really liked all the secondary characters. First and foremost, Marcus, the college-student hottie, working there over the summer, you can't help but feel bad for him.

Then there's Ms. Mary, the head of the house staff. She is like the mother Sadie never had, so kind and loving I teared up a little at the end because of her and Mr. Greg the elderly gardener. I wanted to throttle someone one minute and then I was swooning the next. For the most part, this was an all-around feel good book.

Maybe a little on the predictable side, but it leaves you with a smile on your face. I highly recommend reading Because of Low right after this. It's a sequel to Breathe. It centers mainly on Marcus, but Jax and Sadie are in there too. Don't pass it up, it's all kinds of HOT!! View all 72 comments. Breathe by Abbi Glines is the first book of the new adult contemporary romance Sea Breeze series.

Sadie White finds herself having to take over her mother's job and bring in the money to take care of both of them with her mother pregnant. Sadie goes to the mansion her mothers works at to begin work and finds she is working for Jax Stone, a hot teen rocker. Of course this leads to Sadie and Jax being attracted and starting a romance.

I actually liked Sadie in this one, couldn't help but feel sorr Breathe by Abbi Glines is the first book of the new adult contemporary romance Sea Breeze series. I actually liked Sadie in this one, couldn't help but feel sorry she was pushed to be the adult and mother her own mother.

It also touches on some very real issues towards the end so I thought this one was good overall. For more reviews please visit https: Sadie White had to grow up fast.

Her mother has never been one to act like an adult. It's Sadie's job to look after her. Pregnant with her second child, Jessica isn't about to own up to her responsibilities. However, someone has to pay the bills and sending Sadie to work in her place seemed like a good idea.

Working as a domestic servant for a wealthy family, Sadie never in her wildest dreams expected it to be the house rockstar Jax Stone spends his summer at, trying to escape his hectic lifestyl Sadie White had to grow up fast. Working as a domestic servant for a wealthy family, Sadie never in her wildest dreams expected it to be the house rockstar Jax Stone spends his summer at, trying to escape his hectic lifestyle.

He soon starts showing interest in Sadie, for she's like no one he's ever met before. Can their growing love withstand the fact that their lives couldn't be more different?

Jax is adored by millions, while Sadie never even had friends. Her world revolves around her demanding mother's needs. I was in the mood for a sweet YA romance and Breathe seemed to be the perfect choice. Unfortunately I soon came to realize that I was wrong in assuming so. It didn't take me long to develop a fierce hatred of Sadie's mother.

No child deserves to have a father, who isn't in the picture - not giving a crap - and a mother, who has no qualms about taking her kid's childhood away. I didn't understand how Sadie could still love her. I had such a hard time believing it.

Abbi Glines

Sure, she's her mom, but surely I'd become resentful and bitter. I was siked to read this book. The story sounded awesome. Bummer that the hero's name was the only thing I liked about him. I'm a sucker for blue eyes, but not so much when attached to an arrogant ass and that's the best way to describe Jax.

What probably should've appeared gentlemanly, I found appalling. He was aloof and overly confident. His hoity toity way of speaking drove me up the wall. It was creepy. Once he began spewing confessions of love I was done. Don't get me started on these awful song lyrics. Can you say sleezeball? He wasn't sweet, let alone perfect boyfriend material - no, he seemed to be obsessed with Sadie, rather than what I'd call being in love. Sadly, there IS such a thing as too much fluffy romance.

The worst, I fell head over heels for another character. Marcus, too, worked as a servant for the Stone's and befriended Sadie right away. Such a sweetheart! He made her feel welcome from the very start. If the roles had been reversed - if Jax had Marcus' personality - we would've been talking 5 stars. The way it was made no sense to me. Marcus as opposed to Jax wasn't laying it on thick and made sure to be a good friend. I felt beyond bad for him. The poor guy fell in love with Sadie, but his feelings weren't returned.

They would've made a sweet couple. I'm kind of surprised that so many readers gave it a good rating. Maybe it is the perfect read for a 14 year-old? I did like the general idea of the storyline and of course Marcus the good friend. Beware of Spoilers! Two of my least favorite quotes for those of you who are interested: Your natural beauty is enough to bring me to my knees. View all 11 comments. Jul 16, Katrina Passick Lumsden rated it did not like it.

Yet another YA romance that has managed to garner far more positive reviews than it deserves. I don't expect much from these books, but sympathetic characters are kind of important, and the only characters I could bring myself to sympathize with at all were the peripheral characters NOT Marcus, I didn't like him much, either.

Mary was sweet and unassuming and the gardener forgot his name already could have been amazing, but he was underutilized. Sadie is a young girl who's had to grow up Yet another YA romance that has managed to garner far more positive reviews than it deserves.

Sadie is a young girl who's had to grow up fast. Her mother is a former-beauty-queen-turned-young-single-mother who apparently hasn't managed, in 17 years, to care for anyone other than herself.

Not even her own child. Now she's pregnant again and Sadie, on her first day of summer break from high school, must take her mother's place as housekeeper at one of the rich houses. Sadie manages to earn her place on the staff and quickly discovers that it is the family home of teen heartthrob rock star Jax Stone. The author continually shoves in our faces the fact that Sadie is "mature for her age", but having a mature work ethic, bitter outlook on life, and self-proclaimed aversion to rock stars does not make a girl mature.

In most important ways, Sadie is no more mature than any other teenage girl, and in a few, she is even less mature than her peers.

She is naive, gullible, and far too innocent. I quickly grew tired of her uninteresting statements, her moping, her petty jealousy, and her constant indecision. Jax Stone is the modern YA cliche'; rich, devastatingly hot, oh-so-sweet I can't get over how behavior like his is praised in some love stories while simultaneously being repulsive and oftentimes illegal in reality. The one-liners in this particular romance far surpassed my expectations, however.

While I was expecting some cheese, I had no idea how often I would be fighting my gag reflex. They're the kinds of lines that, were they spoken to me no matter who was speaking them , I would roll my eyes, laugh, and move quickly away. The romance was, predictably, based primarily on physical attraction. There are some moments, here and there, where it would appear Sadie and Jax were falling for each other for other reasons, but these are never fully explored.

The main reason for Jax aside from how much he likes Sadie's looks is that she's "different" from any of the other girls he's ever met. I have a revelation for him; there are millions of those all around the world. Its unrealistic portrayals, sappy, nauseating dialog, unresolved plot points, convenient write-offs, and unsympathetic, shallow characters made this yet another disappointment for me.

It's nice to re-read this book only in its updated version. Now, it is told in dual perspective the first edition is told only in Sadie's perspective and there are additional scenes that leans more on the "New Adult" side the old version is more of Young Adult because there's no "intimate" scene on it which I find better because it matches the rest of the series.

As always, it's a guilty-pleasure read and you can read this in one sitting.

View all 3 comments. Sep 04, Kala rated it did not like it. This book is bad. Really bad. It's every YA romance novel cliche wrapped up into one with really poor writing and really boring characters. The whole Cinderella trope is always fun when done well - I don't even mind that it's a cliche. Disney channel seems capable of making a zillion teen remakes of Cinderella that are cute and fun. This book falls totally flat though.

Sadie is the Mary-est Sue of Mary Sues. She is drop dead gorgeous, but doesn't realize it. She thinks she has no personality and This book is bad. She thinks she has no personality and she's right , but all the boys fall all over themselves trying to get her attention.

Her awful selfish mom is pregnant and doesn't feel like working anymore, so she forces 17 year old Sadie to take over her job as a housekeeper in order to pay bills. Of course, the house she works at is the summer home of Jax Stone, teen rocker extraordinnaire. As soon as Jax meets Sadie he's struck by how drop dead gorgeous she is.

Of course, they fall in love instantly. They have had literally three conversations. Not once during these conversations do they talk about anything else. The lips of the only boy I would ever love touched mine, and I forgot where we were and everything else around us. I've never met anyone who has seen past the star and found the real me inside Keep in mind, they have had NO conversations about anything other than Jax being a rock star.

As a reader, I know nothing about Jax other than that he's a rock star and is hot. That's it. The media found out about Sadie and to "protect" her, Jax dumps her. Once I had accepted that I would never love someone the way I love Jax, it was easier to breath. He would always be in my heart, whether he wanted to be there or not. I just didn't have enough room for anyone else. He was my air, my soul, and the keeper of my heart. My happiness is connected to him.

Unhealthy relationship alert! Why must these YA authors write this cheesy, unhealthy, co-dependent bullshit relationships? Why can't a female be independent?

Why can't she be sad about losing a guy, but still realize that she can move on and find love again? Why do they write this idiotic "I'll die without you" types of love stories? They're not romantic and not real! At some point Sadie is riding her bike home and she meets the little sister of her friend Marcus. The girl talks to her and Sadie immediately thinks: For some reason, this bubbly girl liked me. Like, we all know she has no personality.

Sadie's mother. Where to begin. Sadie's mom is a big slut. So much so that Sadie has to keep her supplied with condoms that she apparently doesn't use because she's pregnant again. Sadie has no contact with her father and Sadie's mom has no contact with the father of her unborn child.

Sadie's mom forces Sadie to take on all of the responsibility. According to Sadie, by 11 she was running the household. When Sadie gets dumped by Jax she goes all catatonic a la Bella Swan. Sadie's mother doesn't want to work, or get child support, or get government assistance, she wants Sadie to take on the entire burden. Catatonic Sadie can't work, so her mom gives her this speech: We are about to have another mouth to feed, and no amount of your whining and wallowing in self-pity or pride is going to supply our needs.

So stop it, and face the facts. Hypocrisy much? Mother of the year has her baby and of course gets postpartum depression. Sadie has to go to school, work to pay bills, AND take care of her newborn brother all by herself. She eventually gets sick and hurt and gets hospitalized and is in a coma.

Abbi Glines is apparently hit and miss with her books. I thought Vincent Boys was just as bad as this. Existence was actually decent and gave me hope that Glines wasn't terrible. I have a few more of her books on my Kindle, so I will read them Feb 17, Isamlq rated it did not like it. The only positive that I can recall is Marcus… and frankly, he could be just as predictable as the rest.

Said weight is embodied mainly in a mothe The only positive that I can recall is Marcus… and frankly, he could be just as predictable as the rest.

Said weight is embodied mainly in a mother who wasn't all there but had the gall to put said girl down time and time and time again. Of course, eventually, our girl meets a boy who likes to save the day. The interesting bits had me waiting for something better that might just have been somewhere around the corner on the next page. I was wrong. What did they both see in her when she saw so little?

And what was with their intense 'I love you's' after a nanosecond of knowing each other? Plus the way they talked! God, they were long winded. Now on that note, I end. Then again, I might not. Apr 12, Duchess Nicole rated it liked it Shelves: Started off really great but lost steam somewhere in the middle. The end left me a little disappointed with regards to how Sadie's loser mother spent her entire motherhood leaning on her daughter for support but never had a harsh word said to her about it.

I'm all about the bad guys having lessons taught, and while she wasn't exactly a villain, she was far from the supportive mother that sh Started off really great but lost steam somewhere in the middle. I'm all about the bad guys having lessons taught, and while she wasn't exactly a villain, she was far from the supportive mother that she should have been.

My first Abbi Glines. I'll give the next a go. Marcus was a great guy so I'm interested in his story. Nov 04, Kahina rated it it was amazing. This book stayed in my to-read list for a long time I guess. This is Abbi Glines! Even stayed up all night to finish it. And I am so happy I did!! The This book stayed in my to-read list for a long time I guess. The two versions. Plus, in one of the cover, the girl doesn't even have curls so Shelve Misbehaving.

Book 7. Bad for You by Abbi Glines. Innocence was never meant for the addictive… Add… More. Shelve Bad for You. Book 8. Hold on Tight by Abbi Glines. Six years ago, Dewayne Falco's life changed. He l… More.

Shelve Hold on Tight. Book 9. Until the End by Abbi Glines. The backstory that fans have been clamoring for—h… More. Shelve Until the End. Book The Sea Breeze Collection: No notes for slide. Abbi glines breathe sea breeze 1 1.

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission from the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages for review purposes.

Please delete and support the author by purchasing the ebook from either Wild Child Publishing or one of its many distributors. This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, any place, events or occurrences, is purely coincidental.

Angel ISBN: Wild Child Publishing. Acknowledgments I have to start by thanking Keith, my husband, who tolerated the dirty house, lack of clean clothes, and my mood swings, while I wrote this book. My middle child, Annabelle, whose creative mind and obsession with music inspired the idea behind this book. Austin and Ava, my oldest child and my baby girl, who along with their sister are the joys of my life.

Angela Brown, my editor at Wild Child Publishing, deserves my thanks for her brilliant editing. Monica Tucker, my best friend in the world and biggest fan. That kind of loyalty is hard to find. Prologue Life has always been a struggle for me. My dream is what kept me going many nights when I fought the desire to just disappear. A one-room shack in the hills of Tennessee is where we spent the first part of my life.

Until the day my mother up and decided life would be easier in Alabama. On the southern coast, she could find work, and the sunshine would be good for us, or so she said.

I knew she needed an escape, or maybe just a place to start over. If any one person could be a magnet for losers, my mom fit the profile, and, unfortunately, she was about to bring another child into the unstable life she managed to lead, where she greatly relied on a kid--me--to handle things. If only she had let me make her decisions for her in the dating world, like she did with the rest of her life. But, alas, we were headed to southern Alabama where the sun is supposed to shine bright and wash away all our worries Pregnancy made Jessica an even bigger drama queen than before having unsafe sex with another loser.

She moaned and covered her head with a pillow. You just go on without me. The last day of school landed yesterday, but instead of being able to go out and be a normal teenager, Jessica expected me to make the money. I need you to help me.

You always figure stuff out. Do you have any idea how much it costs to run a window unit all day long? She grimaced and sat up. I bought them for her and made sure her purse always contained several. I even reminded her before she went out on dates. Remembering who the adult was in our relationship could be difficult at times. Most of the time it seemed to me our roles were reversed, being the adult however did not mean she made smart decisions because Jessica simply did not know how to be responsible.

She sighed and flopped back down on the bed. I walked over to her purse and opened it up. If you would come with me, I would have a better chance of landing this position. She would go back to sleep as soon as I left. I wanted to be mad at her, but seeing her so big made me pity her instead. After I got my clothes on, I walked past her room and peeked through the door.

She softly snored with the window unit once again cranked to sixty-eight degrees. I thought about turning it off, but changed my mind. The apartment already felt warm, and the day would only get hotter. I stepped outside and got on my bike. It took me thirty minutes to get to the bridge. The bridge would take me into the exclusive island connected to Sea Breeze, Alabama. Jessica managed to snag a job as a domestic servant at one of the houses making twelve dollars an hour.

I prayed I would be able to take over her position without a hitch. My chances on getting this job were slim.

The further I peddled onto the island, the larger and more extravagant the houses became. She would, of course, have to work at the most extravagant house on the block, not to mention the very last one before the beach itself. He frowned and gazed down at me. She is sick, and I am supposed to work for her today. Two large men appeared and walked up to me. Both sported dark sunglasses and reminded me of players who should be wearing football uniforms on NFL teams instead of being dressed in black suits.

I swallowed and fought the urge to shudder. I wondered if I seemed dangerous to them, all five feet six inches of me. I glanced down at my skimpy white shorts and purple tank top and wondered if they considered the fact it would be impossible to hide weapons in this outfit. I thought it somewhat strange the two big guys were reluctant to let me in. Even if I happened to be a threat, I do believe any one of them could have taken me blindfolded with their hands tied behind their back.

The image popped into my mind and made me want to laugh. I bit my bottom lip and waited to see if dangerous little me would be allowed entrance into the bigger than life iron gates.

Sea Breeze Series (1 - 9) by Abbi Glines

Please take the servants entrance to the left of the stone wall and report to the kitchen where you will be instructed how to proceed.

I got back on my bike and rode into the now open gates. Once I made it around the corner of lush palm trees and tropical gardens, I saw the house. It reminded me of houses on the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. I composed myself, pushed my bike around the corner trying to not stop, and stare at the massive size of everything.

I leaned my bike against a wall out of sight. The doorway for the servants was designed to impress. At least twelve feet tall, a beautifully engraved letter S adorned it. Not just tall, the door was really heavy, causing me to use all my strength to pull it open.

I peeked inside the large entry hall and stepped into a small area with three different arched doorways to choose from ahead of me. I walked up to the first door on the right and looked through the opening. It appeared to be a large gathering room but nothing fancy and no kitchen appliances, so I moved on to door number two, peeked inside, and found a large round table with people sitting around it.

This had to be the place. I stepped inside the arched opening. The lady standing noticed me and frowned. I smiled, and the heat rose, threatening to spike out the top of my head as I watched all the people in the room turn to face me. I hated attention and did whatever I could to draw little to myself. Even though it seemed to be getting harder the older I got. Anything which encouraged people to speak, I wanted to avoid the possibility if I could.

I figured out early in life friendships would never work for me. So, I perfected the art of being uninteresting. Who told you to come here?

I needed her here, at least for today.

Pdf breathe abbi glines

Why did she always do these things to me? The lady up front frowned much like the way Aunt Bea looked when someone made her angry. It was tempting to turn and run. Maybe during the fall when they leave, we can give you a try. I pulled my grown up voice out of the closet and decided I needed to show this lady I could do the job better than anyone else.

However, if you would give me a chance, I can and will show you I am an asset. I will never be late to work and will always complete the jobs assigned to me. Please, just a chance. She moved her eyes back up at me, and I could see I broke through her resolve. I'm gonna team you up with Fran here who has been working at this home as long as I have.

I will have you an answer at the end of the day. I had a job to save. Fran walked me down a hallway and past several doors.

We stopped, opened one, and stepped inside. The room contained shelves of books from the floor to the ceiling. Large, dark brown leather chairs were scattered around the room.

None faced each other or looked to be used for any type of visiting or socializing. The room was clearly set up to be a library. A place where someone could come, find a book, and lose themselves in one of the large cushy chairs. Fran swung her arm out in front of her gesturing to the room with a bit of flair.

It surprised me coming from the older lady. You will dust the books and shelves, clean the leather with the special cleaner, and Windex the windows. Vacuum the drapes, clean, and wax the hard woods. This room must shine.

Stone likes things I will come get you at lunchtime, and we will dine in the kitchen. She stepped back inside pulling a cart full of cleaning supplies. Be careful with all framed artwork and pieces of art. I warn you everything in this house is very valuable and must be treated with utmost care. Now, I expect you to work hard and not waste any time with foolishness. Fran left the room. I circled around, taking in the extravagance of my surroundings. I could clean this. I went for the dusting supplies and headed for the ladder connected to the bookshelves.

I might as well start at the top, since dust falls. I managed to get everything dusted and the windows cleaned before Fran returned to get me for lunch. I needed a break and some food. Her frowning face was a welcome sight. The smell of fresh baked bread hit me as we rounded the corner and stepped into the large bright kitchen. Mary stood over the stove pointing to a younger lady who wore her hair in a bun covered with a hair net just like Ms.

How are things going? Mary sat trays of food in front of us. I must be doing something right since Fran directed her words in my direction. We all come at different shifts for lunch. You may choose what you want to eat. I took some fresh fruit from a platter. I ate in silence while I listened to Ms. Mary direct the lady she called Henrietta. Neither Fran nor I made any attempt at conversation.

After we were done, I followed Fran to the sink where we rinsed our plates and loaded them into the large dishwasher ourselves. Just as silent, we returned to the library. I was a little less nervous now and more interested in my surroundings.

I noticed the portraits as we walked down the hallway. There were portraits of two very cute little boys. The further I walked, the older they seemed to get. Toward the large opening we would cross going to the library, an oddly familiar face smiled down at me from a life size painting.

Just last night during dinner, he had been on television. Jessica watched Entertainment Daily during our meal. Teen rocker and heartthrob Jax Stone was one of their favorite topics. Fran stopped behind me. I turned to her, and she seemed focused on the portrait. He will be arriving with his parents and brother any day.

Can you handle this? This is a private escape for him. When he was younger, his parents insisted he take a break each summer and spend time with them away from the bright lights of Hollywood. He leaves now and then to go to different events, but for the most part, this is his getaway.

His privacy is of utmost importance. This job is more important to me than a teenage rock star. I focused more energy into my work. At the end of a long day, I listened while the quiet, frowning Fran reported to Ms. She believed I would be a good worker and I should be given a chance.

I thanked her and Ms.

I should be able to save enough money for the fall when my mom would have the baby, not work, and I would be back in school. I could do this. Yes, Jax Stone was famous, and his incredible steel blue eyes made my heart flutter. I made myself admit that much. Everyone knew beauty ran only skin deep. Besides, guys were a species I knew nothing about.

I never took time to talk to one even when they did their best to talk to me. When I think of all the money I'd wasted on the condoms I shoved in her hands and purses before she went out with the countless men who flocked to her, I really had a hard time not getting angry with her.

Even in thrift store clothing, she looked gorgeous. One of her many disgusting men told me I inherited the cursed looks. From her blond curly hair to her clear blue eyes and heavy black lashes, I somehow managed to get it all. However, I lacked the one thing I knew would save me from certain disaster, I actually appeared rather dull.

Something my mother loved to remind me of, yet instead of being upset by it, I held onto it for dear life. What she thought would be a downfall to my character, I liked to think of as my lifeline. If having a dull personality kept me from following in her footsteps, then I would embrace it. The apartment we lived in for almost five hundred a month sat underneath a huge, old house. The sun was setting so I stepped out onto what Jessica referred to as a patio.

If you asked me, it was really more like a small piece of slab. She turned and smiled. Instead, she seemed to be glowing. Mary give you a hard time? If she did, I sure hope you were nice. We need this job, and you can be so rude and unsociable. The baby is taking so much from me.

However, I nodded and walked inside with Is there anything you can fix up real fast? I am eating for two these days. I knew Mom was helpless in the kitchen. I somehow survived the first eight years of my life on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Somewhere around the time I turned eight, I realized my mother needed help, and I began growing up quicker than normal children. The more I offered to take on, the more she gave me. With the noodles boiling and the meat sauce simmering, I went to my room.

I slipped out of my work clothes and into a pair of cut off thrift store jeans, which happen to be the core of my wardrobe, and a tee shirt. My wardrobe was simple. The pan in the kitchen with the noodles in it whistled letting me know the food needed to be checked. I hurried back into the small kitchen, took out a spaghetti noodle on a fork, and slung it at the wall behind the stove.

It stuck. It was ready. Where did you get such an insane idea? She kicked back on the faded pastel couch, which came with the apartment, in my bikini. It has stuck with me ever since. Besides it works. I was a step ahead of her. She rarely got up these days unless she absolutely had to. I slipped a fork and spoon onto the plate and took it to her. I placed a glass of sweet iced tea down beside her and went back to fix my own. I needed food. Things went much smoother.

Fran even smiled at me once. After lunch, Ms. Mary sent me to the third floor, which housed most of the bedrooms. It was easy to forget whose house I cleaned. I had no friends to tell about the job.

I stepped into his bedroom and spun around. It seemed so comfortable it struck me as odd. One wall displayed bats and balls signed with different signatures while some just looked well used. Jerseys he must have worn during childhood hung on the walls proudly. In the earliest ones, I struggled to figure out which little boy was the now famous rock star. After he appeared to be ten or eleven, I identified him easily.

The jerseys and pictures were in year order from about kindergarten until age thirteen, and then they stopped. It would have been about a year or so before I remembered hearing his name the first time on the radio. He seemed to lead a normal life up until the time a record label discovered him. Guitars of every shape, size, and color hung on the walls.

Many were autographed; some sparkled with newness. I got on my toes and examined it more closely. It said Fender on it. I continued examining the signatures on the more expensive guitars. I ran my finger over the name Jon Bon Jovi and smiled. Apparently, even rock stars have idols. In the center of them all hung a small, worn guitar.

The fact it hung in the center of this collection made it obvious this must have been the first and most loved.

I peeked back at the door to make sure no one stood outside, and then went to stand under the small guitar I imagined had started it all. My cleaning cart sat untouched in the doorway, and I knew I needed to get busy.

I wanted him to stay shallow and untouchable in my eyes. Knowing he once was a cute, little boy with dark brown curls and a smile that would one day cause a frenzy made him seem more real and not so godlike.

I needed to keep my interest in him to a minimum. I quickly went about the room dusting and sweeping, and then I mopped the expensive hardwoods.

I focused my thoughts on my future and blocked out all thoughts of Jax Stone. I placed my cleaning supplies back on the cart and headed toward the door where a very nervous Fran stood. Fran hurried inside as it opened, and I started to follow when a bottle of glass cleaner fell off the cart. I reached for a small rag and picked the bottle up from the I wiped up the spill the best I could. The family must be headed upstairs. I stood up, and a tingling sensation raced through the hairs on my neck.

Startled, I turned and saw him standing there watching me. Mary wanted. A smile broke across his ridiculously sexy face, heat burned through my cheeks, and I glanced away and pushed the cart into the elevator.

His smile seemed more amused. Fran frowned when I glanced at her, but she said nothing. I put my cart away and went to report to the kitchen since I no longer worked upstairs.

Mary stood with her hands on her hips, waiting on our arrival. A silent conversation seemed to take place between Fran and Ms. After Ms. Mary nodded, she reached for something on the table and handed me folded black clothing. Also, you won't be cleaning the house anymore, but you will help me in the kitchen and help Mr. Greg in the gardens.