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Cambridge English Objective PET Second Edition Student s Book With Key PDF PDF. Uploaded by. Wellington. Complete PET WORKBOOK With. Specification Title: Complete PET Workbook with Answers with Audio CD . Complete IELTS Bands Student's Book ebook pdf online download gia sach. Download free Complete PET Student's Book with answers with CD- ROM pdf.

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Heyderman E., May P. () (+ Audio) (pdf; mp3) A Workbook with answers, Student's Books with and without answers, a Teacher's Book and Class Audio. Complete PET is a brand new course for the PET exam. It combines the very best in contemporary classroom practice with stimulating topics aimed at teenagers. complete pet student's book - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book Complete answer keys including recording scripts.

L , b adj ecti ves and preposi ti ons c words wi th si mi l ar meani ngs d adjectives with -ing? Goats bel ong to the same fami l y as sheep but thei r hai r is straighter. These contain exercises which revise the grammar and vocabulary that you have studied in each unit. Correct the letter by changing the underlined adjectives to their opposites. You Iooked after your aunt's cat while she was on holidav She has sent you some money. Your photogrophs showed people in situotions thot coused strong feelings. Were you right about what happened next?

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Published on Mar 10, Each unit of the Student s Book covers one part of each PET paper and provides thorough exam practice.

Grammar and vocabulary exercises target areas that cause most problems for PET candidates, based on data from the Cambridge Learner Corpus, taken from real candidate scripts.

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Grammar and vocabulary exercises target areas that cause problems for candidates, based on data from the Cambridge Learner Corpus, taken from real exam scripts. A Testbank access code for four online Cambridge English: Preliminary practice tests is included with this Student's Book. Student's Book without answers , p.

View, download: Student's Book with answers , p. Audio Student's Book CD The Workbook with Audio CD contains extra vocabulary, grammar, and skills practice, including listening material. The Vocabulary Extra section contains twelve pages of further practice and revision of the vocabulary in the Student's Book.

Workbook without answers , 64 p.

Complete PET Workbook

Workbook with answers , 78 p. Audio CD.

The Teacher's Book contains full teacher's notes with extra teaching ideas, photocopiable material including class activities and progress tests, recording scripts and word lists. Teacher's Book , p. Student's Book. Map of the units 4 Introduction 6 PET content and overview 7 1 Homes and habits 8 2 Student days 16 Vocabulary and grammar review Units 1 and 2 24 3 Fun time 26 4 Our world 34 Vocabulary and grammar review Units 3 and 4 42 5 Feelings 44 6 Leisure and fashion 52 Vocabulary and grammar review Units 5 and 6 60 7 Out and about 62 8 This is me!

It teaches you the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills which are necessary for the exam as well as essential grammar and vocabulary.

For those who are not planning to take the exam in the near future, the book provides skills and language highly relevant to an intermediate level of English [Common European Framework CEF level Bl.

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What the book contains In the Student's Book there are: Each unit contains: The units provide language input and skills practice to help you deal successfully with the tasks in each part. When you are doing grammar exercises you will sometimes see this symbol: These exercises are based on research from the Cambridge Learner Corpus and they deal with the areas which often cause problems for students in the exam.

These contain exercises which revise the grammar and vocabulary that you have studied in each unit. These explain the possible tasks you may have to do in the Speaking and Reading and Writing papers, and they give you examples together with additional exercises and advice on how best to approach these PET papers. Teacher's Book. Introduction 4 1 Homes and habits 6 Photocopiable activity: The right words 12 Word list: Unit 1 13 2 Student days 14 Photocopiable activity: It's all in the past 20 Word list: Unit 2 21 3 Fun time 22 Photocopiable activity: What's my hobby?

Unit 3 29 Progress test units 30 4 Our world 33 Photocopiable activity: Absolutely wonderful!