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Dragon Magazine - pdf, , MB. Dragon Magazine - pdf, , MB. Dragon Magazine - pdf. Send address changes to DRAGON Magazine, TSR,. Inc., P.O. Box , Lake Monstrous Compendium (MC, with appen- dix number). Dragon magazine compendium vol 1 pdf. Free Pdf Download Feature Beats and the Board from an Oscar -nominated hit f fc80 mssmbios.

The exception is. Although halflings maintain a low-key existence. The shamans tell other tales. The burial of weapons. Ballantine Books. Though they do not particularly like the sea or other large bodies of water. Most of these delicate tonal changes are meant to be secret from other races — again.

Other articles provided tips and suggestions for both players and Dungeon Masters DMs. It sometimes discussed meta-gaming issues, such as getting along with fellow players. At the end of its print run, the magazine also featured four comics; Nodwick , Dork Tower , Zogonia and a specialized version of the webcomic The Order of the Stick.

A regular feature of Dragon for many years was its "Ecology of Under Paizo's tenure such ecology articles became heavier in "crunch" game mechanics as opposed to "fluff" narrative and description than previously. In the early s, almost every issue of Dragon would contain a role playing adventure, a simple board game, or some kind of special game supplement such as a cardboard cut-out castle.

In the magazine's early years it also published five "Best of" issues, reprinting highly regarded articles from The Strategic Review and The Dragon. From to , Dragon Magazine published the "Dragon Annual", a thirteenth issue of all new content. A collection of Dragon was released as the Dragon Magazine Archive in Unfortunately, the search utilities that make the archive accessible are not available to Mac users. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the American gaming magazine.

Timothy J. Moore Wolfgang Baur Pierce B. Watters Anthony J. April 19, Retrieved March 23, March 20, Wizards of the Coast. Retrieved 29 November Lake Geneva, WI: TSR Periodicals Gary Gygax".

Renton, Washington: Wizards of the Coast EN World. I saw examples of the Dragon and Dungeon pages The intention is to provide subscriber services. Dragon Magazine In other words, the December issues of Dungeon and of Dragon will be the last issues you see for a while.

Retrieved The Game Manufacturers Association. Archived from the original on Archived from the original on Dec 16, Supplement I: How would a human society cope with an excess of males such as this? History reveals that at times such as this. Most male dwarves do not marry. For a married dwarf to adventure or otherwise spend a lot of time out of the home is seen as a shirking of responsibilities and a disgraceful insult to the other partner of the lowest order.

Those few who do admire the dwarves and uphold their achievements publicly will come to win their cautious gratitude. Two out of three dwarves are male at birth. In dwarven society. They pay a price for this drive. Dwarves are clannish.

The dwarves are very much a race apart. Their use of axes and hammers as weapons and their hatred of ores and giants is also familiar. Dwarves who do enter into marriage become exceedingly jealous and possessive of their partners. Other races don't always see it this way especially the elves. A strong streak of materialism is present in the dwarven character. Though two demons.

Most people also know that dwarves prefer living underground in caverns and mines. The effect this has upon them reaches into nearly every aspect of their lives. They may well lake opportunities to redress the situation when their enemies have been lulled into complacency. Little wonder that other races sometimes distrust dwarves more than they do goblins. Some dwarves.

Much of the difficulty in getling to understand dwarves is due directly to their habit of separation from the affairs of other rates. February pickpockets and burglars. Interestingly enough. Their careers fill their daily lives as completely as would the presence of a wife. The greatest heroes and heroines of dwarvenkind have almost always been single.

For use against these huge folk. Fond memories do not suffice. Master of Middle-Earth Ballamine Books. A thing is either done or it is not.

Pdf compendium dragon magazine

One is siruck. Earlier it was said that dwarves are a race apart. Dwarven communiiies bury their dead in great stone vaults after ceremonial cremation. Information for this article was taken from the Players Handbook. They feel that if they want a thing they must have it before them.

Being a solitary god himself. Those who make a practice of enslaving dwarves run the gravest risks. Their strength is also considerable and in hattle serves to offset their short height. Foes are either made to leave the area. The natural tendency to suspicion in the dwarven nature has saved enterprises from disaster. Paul H. Dwarves abhor slavery and all forms of involuntary servitude. Those persons who have had the audacity to ask dwarves whether they like bearded or unbearded women best have usually been given stony stares — or.

Dungeon Masters may use ihis article to standardize ihe roles and personalities of dwarven NPC's in his or her campaign.

Lust for treasure motivates dwarven thieves more so than it does ihieves of other races. It was not clear whether dwarven females or females of other races are being referred to. Such information was not meani to be spread about indiscriminately. How could one avoid winning. Either a dwarf has something. Dwarves are one of the toughest of races. Legends and tales abound of dwarves who dared the greatest obstacles and dangers in reaching for their goals.

No other god suspected what was happening. The emphasis on materialism is difficult for dwarves to rid themselves of. The burial of weapons.

Moradin is a proud and possessive god. In the DMG p. The god Moradin. It may be conjectured lhat such matters are left to the personal preferences of each dwarf. It is clear that a part of him lives on in all dwarves.

The long-standing rivalry between dwarves and ores. The knowledge that dwarves go through life only once souls cannot be "recycled" as spirits can be may also fuel the desire to get all one can oui of life before one goes. Poisonous substances don't affect them as much as they do other races that are affected.

This article is a set of guidelines for playing dwarven characters. There is also the question of whether dwarven clerics who must be fighters as well can reach 7th or 8th level. Because they are built from the substance of the earth itself. This author would like to suggest thai this statement be disregarded. Though dwarves may become psionic. This sets the dwarves in a group. Dwarves do not use any magical spells.

The story ends similarly to the Greek tale of Pygmalion and Galatea. Because of the unequivocal penalties for stealing from other dwarves. An investigation of theology reveals that hill gianis are probably the greatest traditional dwarven enemies. Dedication like this can often make the difference between success and failure for adventuring parties.

Such an attitude can prove to be a great morale boost for groups of adventurers. Moradin is not. Otherwise they can only become 7uVlevel clerics.

With all this in mind. Kocher's book. Some of the most popular dwarven-told tales concern an ancient smith who was able to do exactly that. Dwarves take a great interest — greater than most other peoples can willingly muster — in seeing that the party and its valuables are secure from loss. Magical spells and magical effects of other sorts may be more strongly resisted by dwarves because of their non-magical natures.

Though dwarves are not as agile as other races. Five of the rnosl commonly accepted dwarven deities are described in this article.

A description of Moradin. All alignments. Lesser dwarven gods are generally shorter than the greater gods. Berronar One of the most powerful of all the non-human pantheons is that of the dwarven fold.

There are very few or no deities known in dwarven pantheons governing the sea. Goibhnie of the Celtic mythos and Hephaestus of the Greek draw much favorable attention from dwarves. The gods of the dwarves Clanggedin. Dwarves should take pride in their achievements. These particular neutral gods could in some ways be said to be comic gods. Dwarves refuse to see themselves as a "minor race. Dwarves who worship these deities are probably heavy drinkers.

The names of these deities are different from clan to clan. Most dwarven pantheons do include at least one lesser god. Mo-ghan Davit may actually represent the same being. In particular. Certainly the tales of their antics are seen as comic by the other dernihuman races.

Most of the lesser deities and demigods of the dwarves are connected with the spheres of fighting and warfare. Moradin said that the dwarves should not ever worship each other. This derives in large part from some of the teachings of Moradin. Another interesting aspect of dwarven religion is that the holy symbols used are invariably not living objects: Though some human reviewers have said this is an indicator of an inferiority complex dwarves have about their height.

All of the greater dwarven gods are at least twice as large as normal dwarves. He taught the dwarves many special methods of combating giant-types. Does double damage vs. In describing the dwarven pantheon. Just as the dwarves hold themselves as a race apart. More likely it reflects the dwarves' own sense of selfimportance perhaps a little exaggerated. There are many dwarven gods and demigods. Some final notes about dwarven gods in general: All dwarven gods possess double charismas.

Dwarves on rare occasions worship deities from other pantheons. Giant-class creatures attack Clanggedin at a -4 penalty "to. In the heat of battle Clanggedin is fond of singing, with the intent of both unnerving his opponents and increasing his followers' morale.

He can throw the axes with either hand up to yards and both will do damage to whatever they hit as if he'd struck the target by hand with. Although Clanggedin has magical spell ability, he will usually only use such powers to indirectly affect a course of events. Not unless his existence on the Prime Material Plane is at stake will Clanggedin resort to the use of magical spells or spell devices in a close-combat situation. Dumathoin appears to be a gigantic dwarven figure with hair and beard of gray stone, earth-brown skin, and eyes of: Dumathoin may also use all metal-, earth-, or stonerelated magic-user spells at the 30th level of ability, but cannot use any other magic-user spells.

Unlike most other dwarven deities, Dumathoin maintains friendly relations with non-dwarven deities, though only a few.

Among his close allies is Hephaestus, whom he supplies with adamantite ore, and Grome, the lord of the earth elementals, who supplies him with elementals at a moment's notice. Other gods of metalcraft and the earth sometimes do business with Dumathoin and his representatives for metals and ores as well. For these reasons, clerics of this god are sometimes involved in business ventures in the selling of metals and similar materials.

At times, Abbathor has been the ally of the other dwarven gods, but his treachery and lust for treasure make him a dangerous associate. He will never help any non-dwarven deity or creature. He cannot be trusted to do anything but evil, unless it suits his own purposes to give assistance. Abbathor was not always as devoted to evil as he is now. Originally, his sphere of influence concerned the appreciation of valuable gems and metals, not necessarily at the expense of others.

He became embittered when Moradin appointed Dumathoin the protector of the mountain dwarves instead of himself, and from that day forward has become ever more devious and self-serving in his endeavors,. Summon elemental! He is the protector of the mountain dwarves, the keeper of all metals. He lays veins of iron, copper, gold, silver, and mithral where he feels they will do the most benefit to his followers when found.

Dumathoin has never been known to speak, instead keeping his wisdom to himself though he may send subtle clues to keen observers on the nature of the world. When Moradin named him protector of the mountain dwarves, Dumathoin created a "paradise" for the mountain dwarves to enjoy. He was angered at first when the dwarves started to "destroy" the mountains he had provided for them, but his anger turned to pleasure when he saw the finely crafted metal items the dwarves produced from the ore they had mined.

His enemies are those dwarven or otherwise who plunder the earth's riches and take them away for unfair or selfish purposes. He does not object to tunneling, mining, or the keeping of treasures underground, however.

Miners see him as. His home caverns are said to be made of the purest gold, which may be a fact or may be a legend born of his reputation for hoarding that which is precious. Abbaihor's greed manifests itself frequently in his actions.

Should he set eyes upon any magical item, or on treasure worth more than 1, gp. Abbathor wears leather armor and furs, made from the skins of beings and creatures who have opposed him in the past. The dagger does a basic points of damage, and can detect the presence of precious metals kind and amount in a 2" radius.

Anyone but Abbathor who grasps this weapon will suffer the loss of one experience level at once, and will lose another level in each round the dagger. Very rare NO. Neutral evil SIZE: Abbathor also owns a shield that casts one cause blindness spell per round save at -6 at any target one at a time within range.

Abbathor's servants consist primarily of the undead forms of his worshipers who died attempting to steal something; these undead are called rappers see below. Abbathor maintains an uneasy truce with Vergadain see below , with whom he sometimes roams the Prime Material Plane in search of more treasure. If frustrated when attempting to steal an item, Abbathor will try to destroy the item, so as to not be tortured by the memory of his failure.

A rapper is the undead form of an evil dwarven thief or assassin who died in an attempt to steal something. These beings typically inhabit old mines and caverns, where they attempt to lure victims in to their doom. Rappers appear to be paleskinned dwarves with semi-translucent skin, dressed in rags and carrying weapons or mining tools.

They can go invisible twice a day for 6 turns, but will become visible when physically attacking. Rappers will hide in small, abandoned corners of underground tunnels and make a constant, rhythmic tapping sound with their tools or weapons against the tunnel wall. This sound carries in a ' radius through the underground corridors and rooms; it is never very loud, but is annoying to listen to.

After listening to this tapping sound for longer than an hour, a human or demi-human or humanoid creature must make a saving throw vs. Those who saved the first time against this power must save again after listening to it for a second consecutive hour, again after a third hour, and so forth. Rappers can keep up their tapping for an infinitely long duration.

Anyone struck by a rapper's weapon or by the rapper itself must save vs. During this time the character will be unable to tell directions and must be led by hand or by force. Rappers guard their victims' remains. For treasure, generate the number and types of magical items owned by random non-player characters of 1st through 6th level, according to the tables in the DMG on pp. Hide bodies and magic items under rubble or elsewhere in the rappers' lair. A victim will not automatically possess any magical treasure or gems.

Clerics turn rappers the same as wights. Holy water does points damage per hit. Most of Vergadain's adventures concern the elaborate con games he has played on human, demi-human, humanoid, and giant victims in order to win their every belonging of any worth.

He is not above using any sort of trick ta accomplish his ends, and is eternally suspicious of potential adversaries who might try to trick him in return. Followers of Vergadain are usually seen as suspicious characters; as a result, few dwarves will willingly admit that he is their deity.

If a follower of this god denies to others that Vergadain is that person's true deity, the god will not be offended so long as the proper sacrifices are made.

Vergadain himself is always out for his own best advantage, and is a poor source for obtaining the truth — he might even lie to his own clerics, though not very often.

Dragon Magazine

Nonetheless, the stories of his outrageous exploits and his courage and cunning have heartened many a dwarf faced with adversity. The patron god of dwarven merchants and most non-evil dwarven thieves is the scheming Vergadain. He is said to be a great poet as well, and may dispense clues to his worshipers on the locations of great treasures. These clues are usually hidden in a verse or rhyme of some sort.

His bard-like talents also give him the ability to carefully evaluate treasures as to their true nature and worth. Vergadain appears to be a huge dwarf wearing brown and yellow clothing. The greatest of all dwarven goddesses is usually held to be Berronar, who lives with Moradin in the Seven Heavens at the Soul Forge beneath the mountains. Berronar is seen as the patroness of marriage and love but not necessarily romance. Her name is often invoked in small home rituals, for protection from thieves and duplicity.

But, Berronar is not a passive homebody; her efforts to preserve and protect dwarven culture and civilization have spanned many universes, and dwarves of both sexes revere her name. Her brown beard is braided into four rows. If a braid is cut off, it will regrow in a single day, and at the end of that day the lock of hair which was cut off will.

She sometimes gives locks of her hair to dwarven communities that are exceptionally poor or hard-pressed and otherwise unable to get on their feet economically. This is an extremely rare occurrence, of course, and must be invoked by a lawful good dwarven cleric of the highest level in the colony. If this gold or any part of it is used for other than good purposes, it will all disappear.

She wears two silver rings of great power; one prevents anyone from knowingly telling a falsehood within 10" of her, and the other prevents the use of all thieving abilities by any mortal within the same area, unless they make a save vs. Dwarves have a custom of exchanging rings with those for whom they feel exceptional, mutual trust and love; this independently parallels a human custom used in marriage rituals.

This dwarven ceremony is not lightly given, and is almost never undertaken with a nondwarf except in the most unusual circumstances. Both participants must be lawful good, Berronar is said to have inspired this practice, and several variations of it exist around the dwarven realms.

Only dwarves of exceptionally pure heart will be considered for this honor, and it may be granted only once every 10 years to any individual. None of these dwarven gods has a sacred animal. Clanggedin is worshipped on the battlefield, and the rest are worshipped in underground temples carved from natural rock. Only male dwarves may become clerics of the male dwarven deities, and females become clerics of the female ones.

The all-consuming-hate ores feel for elves is. Elves have their own set of special abilities and problems. Elves are a brave people. April things are done for what will come about in the long run. The short-term results of a particular action concern elves little.

Longevity has also granted elven kind a keen empathy for life and living things. Dragon From issue An elf might not fear death. To have any dealings with the evil dark elves is to We perhaps also cannot appreciate the richness elves feel in life. The wispy. Seemingly changeless. Longevity can mean intolerable boredom unless one can manage to keep occupied for more than a thousand years and enjoy it as well.

They don't look forward Eo it necessarily. They cannot comprehend fully our haste to do things. Elves know how to do this with little trouble. They have no understanding of the value of time. Why fear death when you know you are coming back to life anyway? Their longer lifespans also imbue elves with a tendency to see things in a longrange way. How wrong we are. Elves cannot be said to truly hate almost any creatures.

Singing and dancing all day are not actions done for the sake of the moment as most other creatures believe.

Magazine compendium pdf dragon

Yet the drow nature is wholly evil and based upon darkness. Whole cities and nations could be founded. This behavior helps make life more enjoyable and easily lived. Against the drow. They are thinner and somewhat smaller. Elves know only too well the value of time. But elves are the least affected by this feeling. In a typical elven lifespan it is possible for as many as sixty generations of humans to appear and vanish. Humans and other demihumans rush about and vainly set out on adventures and projects that they want to complete before the Grim Reaper turns their bodies and works to dust.

Elven player characters are already years old or older when they start play in the game. Such a time span is barely comprehensible to humankind. Life is an endless series of surprises to fire elves' imaginations.

Seeing others' lives pass away around them. The sense of oneness that elves feel with the forests is a thing beyond our ken. The naturally chaotic bent that elves have comes to their assistance here. Elves have a tendency. Caution is appropriate since there is so much to live for and so long to do it in. The more powerful undead creatures can paralyze or cause fear in elves as well as in other beings because those undead have a stronger innate magical power and use different ways to bring their attacks into effect.

Time means nothing to an elf. Few things are that important to elves. There is only one mortal race that warrants a feeling of true hatred among elvenkind. To members of other races. This feeling is so deeply ingrained [hat elves and halfelves are immune to the effects of the magic-user spell scare. Drow also have long lifespans. Aging seems to have little effect physically on an elf's outward appearance.

Elven assassins and half-elven assassins only rarely associate with their own kind. Elven deities work closely together. The other elves tend to pick up on too many subtle clues the assassin gives off. Also note that this deity's sword points out the most dangerous opponents in battle. Elves were born of the blood of Corellon Larethian. Regardless of racial preferences. They seek the variety and excitement the thieving life offers.

This might indicate that while elves seem to know a lot about everyone else. This might seem contradictory in light of the fact that elves make excellent thieves. Assassin-class elves commit murder and destruction of life as a matter of routine. This explains the elven resistance to sleep spells. A very self-willed race.

While resting in this fashion.

Evil elves strive for the destruction of life. For all intents and purposes.


They are the best magic-users of all creatures except humans. Most of these delicate tonal changes are meant to be secret from other races — again.

Few children are born to elves. This does not necessarily mean that elves are always good listeners or make friends easily. Elves rarely close their eyes when they "sleep" unless there is a bright light present. This low birth rate provides a check on their numbers and makes elves somewhat less than common.

Elves' ability to move invisibly and with great silence in natural terrain is another interesting comment on the elven desire for secrecy on an individual basis. Some elves understand magic so well as to be able to cast spells while wearing metallic armor. This point of view is often appreciated by the less powerful members of an adventuring party that elves are traveling with.

Also note that. If there is something elves desire strongly. All elves lend to be much more expressive than humans or other beings. All the various cults and sects of elven religious life coexist in similar fellowship. During the time an elf is resting. Banshees also called groaning spirits. They do not see other beings as superiors or inferiors. Well wrought jewelry is much liked and appreciated for the level of skill required to fashion it.

Best of Dragon Magazine #003.pdf

This is a valuable asset to elves because of the enormous amount of information and life experiences an elf can accumulate in a few hundred to a thousand years. These differences in the brain's physiological structure also prevent the vast majority of elves from having psionic powers. Elven speech is soft. Their population tends to remain fairly constant. It may be that the elven skill with swords and bows is partially due to their kinship with a deity using these weapons and no others.

Magic fascinates elves. Chaotics value their privacy highly. Their resistance to charm spells may be due to their strong sense of self-will and individuality.

It is enough for elves to have their long lives. Elven queens are as common as elven kings. The empathy elves feel for living things gives them the desire to communicate more with life. Were there such a thing as a chaotic good orc] he or she might find some friends among elvenfolk once the elves got past their initial distrust. Sylvan elves. Corellon Larethian's longbow never misses its mark. Individual elves follow their own leaders because they want to. The elven feeling of equality and kinship with all beings is well expressed in their religion.

Making friends with shorter-lived mortals is difficult. Perhaps this psychological tendency is related to their ability to detect secret and concealed doors.

Elves do not sleep as humans. Most elves are basically peaceful and have little or no desire to own things. One interesting difference between elves and other beings in mental capabilities is also related to their long lives. The amusing insistence of the shorter-lived races on individuals' and groups' ownership of personal property makes them particularly vulnerable to the average elven thief.

Because of differences in the structure of the elven brain and the elven personality. The long-range psychological view elves have of life is mirrored in their superior skill with missile weapons. If ores were regarded with this same feeling by elves.

Their sensitivity to emotions can be used by elves to draw people out and learn from them. This makes. In all likelihood. Elven pantheons will vary widely from place to place.

Ballantine Books. Always present yet always different. Evil elvenkind have nothing to do with the gods of the Seldarine. Though many of these beings' areas of influence overlap to some degree.

The themes of nature and magical power also appear very frequently in tales of elven mythology and religion. Of all the Seldarine. All the religions practice tolerance for other religious followings within the Seldarine. None are evil. Aerdrie's appearance as a white cloud.

Dragon (magazine) - Wikipedia

The numerous other members of the Seldarine are gifted with varying degrees of control over the spheres of elvenkind. The smaller elf-like beings. One or two are concerned with death and dying.

Though humans and other people come and go. Valuable information for this article was gleaned from Paul H. Half-elves are allowed to worship any god in the Seldarine. There are a number of interesting similarities among the elven deities and their religions. Aerdrie Faenya is usually depicted as deep blue in color. Rillifane's form as an oak tree. Corellon Larethian. No other symbol could represent as well the changeless and ever-changing state of elven life as the holy symbol used in the worship of Corellon Larethian: Sashelas' shape as a giant.

The Seldarine. They act for the most part independently of one another. Rillifane Rallathil. Depending on the general alignment of their followers. Most of these religions also emphasize elven unity with life and nature. Elven deities. Few if any represent law. Since there are so many different elven gods. From to , Dragon Magazine published the "Dragon Annual", a thirteenth issue of all new content. During Dragon's long run, its material was amalgamated into a fully official printed book twice; once during its 3.

Whilst Dragon's content had always been seen as "official unofficial content", these books added a certain level of legality to it. The 3. Intended to be part of a series of books gathering the more well-designed and received content from Dragon in official print, the 3.

Consequently, it was the only one of its kind to ever be released. It featured the following articles:. Like its 3e predecessor, this was intended to be the first in a series, but it failed to go anywhere. It gathered 14 articles from the first year of 4e's Dragon print run, consisting of the following:.

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