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About the novel Dreams in Prussian Blue by Paritosh Uttam. Dreams in Prussian Blue is a fiction novel written by Paritosh Uttam. The book has been Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Discover ideas about Prussian Blue. Dreams in Prussian Blue by Paritosh Uttam Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built Duncan Clark PDF Alibaba: The.

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Dreams in Prussian Blue book. Read 20 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereFirst-year.. . Overview. "'Listen; Michael. This is serious. This is your best chance to help me us. If you waste this; it's all over.' 'What's all over?' 'Everything. Between us. It is among the most amazing pdf i have got read. Its been Dreams in Prussian Blue PDF, you should follow the button under and download the ebook or gain.

The real story begins with the live-in. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. My rating: He hardly cares for materialistic pleasures because in his own inner world, he is contend with just painting and being fed by Naina. She falls for him, who happens to be her senior at Fine Arts College, Mumbai. Well written and crisp. The description of Prussian blue colour paintings almost defines the temperamental nature of their relationship; the whims and fancies attached to it, the bouts of anxiety and anguish related to it.

And in trying to pull it together; Naina is driven to being what she has never been—a liar and a cheat. Will Michael forgive her when he learns the truth? Will she forgive him for what he has done to her? Jan — July Catalogue: July — Dec Read More. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Blog. Dreams in Prussian Blue. It will open in a new page. Another excerpt put up at Rediff. All Naina wanted was to see her boyfriend, struggling artist Michael Agnelo, succeed.

Dreams in Prussian Blue

I wish I would know more about Naina and Michael. Paritosh certainly knows how to get you to keep the pages turning, and one of the highpoints of the book, as mentioned before, is that it is short and does not tax the brains. Uttam takes us backward and forward as he narrates the story, his flashes of wry humour add poignancy to the tale. A shower would have been heavenly but the locality they lived in, water was precious—the only time it fell from above was as rain.

Review by Jai Arjun Singh on Jabberwock. Review in The Economic Times.

Dreams in Prussian Blue , by Paritosh Uttam, is an engrossing tale built about characters whom you either know personally or through an acquaintance—a story heard towards the sombre end of a party or a serious cafeteria issue.

And with keeping the prose simple, he moves the book faster than Delhi Metro. Review in The Viewspaper. His magic has worked yet again in his first long work.

The beauty of this novel lies in the fact that Uttam has weaved around all too routine emotions with freshness and manages to give you a gripping tale. The novel has its own twists and turns and has good literary content unlike most new novels on the racks these days. A very well thought out story, with the execution even better and has a smooth flow of events.

The author has very ingeniously fitted many contradictions, whether it is the name of his protagonist or among the shades displayed by the three main characters.

In prussian blue pdf dreams

The author displays brilliance in writing with a good writing style and way above average vocabulary, yet maintaining its simplicity. The author is definitely here to stay and we can lookout eagerly for his new works as he is one of the most promising writers in the young and emerging writers category. Overall Dreams in Prussian Blue is a nice read with money well spent and leaves a lingering effect that lasts long after you have finished it. Review in The Deccan Herald.

And in trying to pull it together, Naina is driven to being what she has never been - a liar and a cheat. This is one Metro read or young India fiction which is done correctly. At odd pages, it is fast-paced, emotionally compelling and takes you to an enjoyable roller coaster ride.

I have often complained earlier in my book reviews about debut novels being overly long and self-indulgent.

Prussian dreams blue pdf in

However, this book is a perfect example to show you don't have to write more to engage the readers Shuffling between the past and the present, we are simultaneously told the story of how the couple fall in love and how they are dealing with their marital life. This happens till the middle of the book when both the screenplay collides and merge into one, in which Michael is now blind and making rigorous efforts to paint again. The character of Naina is written with warmth and affection.

Her long suffering live-in life with Michael and continuous struggle to make the ends meet touches chord in your heart. You will instantly develop a dislike for Michael, who is obnoxiously self-centered but can't help sympathizing when the accident leaves him blind.

Prussian pdf blue in dreams

He hardly cares for materialistic pleasures because in his own inner world, he is contend with just painting and being fed by Naina. It is commendable that the author even though skating on a thin plot on paper, still manages to develop these characters sufficiently enough so that you can relate to them. Their bickering and complications, grief and irony in their life is what stays with you till the end. On a deeper level, blue colour plays an important role in delving into the emotional psyche of Michael and his relationship with Naina.

I don't know how much the author knows about painting, but even if he has researched it to write this book and incorporate into screenplay, it is quite enthralling.

I almost wanted to know a little more about painting after finishing this book. The description of Prussian blue colour paintings almost defines the temperamental nature of their relationship; the whims and fancies attached to it, the bouts of anxiety and anguish related to it.

Also, how the art work is defined in terms of perceptions of the buyers and NOT really on the basis of quality is almost a satirical take on the thriving painting business.

There are some niggles right at the end. The climaxed is wrapped up with such ease, it just appears the writer was running short of ideas or time or both. It is never fully comprehended how Naina's illicit relationship to a friend's wife is exposed.

The writer goes for an hurried ending, not investing enough in the emotional metamorphosis which Michael suffers when the truth is out in the open. The climax is all good in the poetic-justice sense, but since it is done so conveniently, it looks contrived.

Apart from this, certain dialogues at times are far-fetched and almost clingy to read.

Prussian pdf blue in dreams

But as i said, these are mere nitpickings in an otherwise competent, confident debut. I am going with 3.

It reassures the pleasures of a urban story, rightly told. For most of the narrative, it moves swiftly without any issues till the bump right in the climax. But still i make a strong recommendation to read it, won't take much time and will left you with a goody-good feeling. Sometimes, that is the best thing of reading a book, isn't it: Jan 26, Readers Cosmos rated it really liked it. For a detailed review read: Looking for a quick read, a good story, but not a big novel?

Try Metro reads short novels they are just what you need! I was very happy to see these since a lot of people in my network want to read but donot have patience for fat novels. This was the first one i read especially because the very first page gripped me.

Is love always perfect and beautiful? We always imagine so as literature is full of romeo and juliet stories since For a detailed review read: We always imagine so as literature is full of romeo and juliet stories since forever, but does that happen to everyone? No, and there are many such cases It ofcourse is a story of a couple, met each other in college, fall in low, parents displeased so start living in. The girl too much for the love of her life leaves her ambition behind and becomes the man of the house as the guy is more off to realize his dream of being a painter.

Dreams in Prussian Blue - Penguin India

She believes in his passion but is put off by his carelessness as the reality starts biting. Money, life, fun etc. Just the day she tries her last of multiple uncountable tries to get his carrier set, he meets with an accident and looses sight.

Now the option of leaving him ends, and life is bit by bitter realities of daily needs. She does everything for him, even gives up herself in every way as he tries to paint without sight.

The problem happens when he discovers in his first successful auction of life, all done by her and their financial crisis finally ending that all his paintings were nothing but BLUE. He never understands that it was the financial crisis that made her do so. Can such a man be ever loved? Will he change? What happens next? Read it! A good realistic story!

Well written and crisp. Jul 21, Harshita rated it liked it Shelves: This book was a disappointment, probably because I had high hopes for it. The writing was pretty crisp and of a good quality, so different from other Indian writers. Instead, it turned out to be one unrelentingly grim tale. The back and forth in time narrative got muddled as it went on, and beyond a point you just. Perhaps she had her reasons, you can give her that kind of leeway, but seeing the kind of strength and resolve the character has otherwise, you simply can't understand her decisions because it is not explored enough in the book.

And there's a skeevy non consensual sex situation in the book, which I think the author must be blamed for not handling well.