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MCOM | Download and Upload Project Reports related to MCOM. PROJECT TITLES FOR MARKETING SPECIALIZATION. on competitive advantage of organized retail store with special reference to .. . Dear Student,. You are very well aware about that, the students of programme are required to submit the Project Report at the end of the Second Year.

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Uploaded by: VALERIE SEMESTER IV PROPOSED PROJECT WORK TITLES COMMERCE FACULTY GUJARAT UNIVERSITY AHMEDABAD PROJECT WORK TITLES. impossible to pursue regular course at a University either due to their The assignments, practical work and the project work will also be discussed in. Project - Download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Cyril Chettiar. Project on recruitment process of Infosys Category: MBA Blog. Questionnaires consist of number of question printed in definite order. Foreign currency risk management by bank Organization of study 2. Kannan C Chandran.

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Would you like to autologin to the network? Project on recruitm.. Employees Welfares.. Brand Building of..

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Brand Building of Colgate. Rural marketing: Analyzing the current economic environment — domestic and international. International marketing: Relationship marketing by Indian and foreign companies Study of gold ETFs.

Implications of DTC on investors and companies FDI in India FII in India Saving and investment patterns in India Optimum portfolio construction Technical analysis of selected companies Industry analysis for a particular industry Testing different forms of EMH Current trends in Indian money market Performance evaluation of mutual funds.

Performance evaluation of LIC Future of commodity markets in India Studying internal control system of an organization Transfer pricing issues in non-profit organization Management control system of an MNC Management control system of a service organization Practical applications of probability distributions Econometric problems in a given data set Multivariate techniques in finance Searching for an appropriate statistical model for a given data set Applications of inferential techniques Applications of OR models Study of interest rates in various aspects Study of bond market in India and abroad Study of money market in India and abroad Study of banking services by various types of banks Study of performance of a bank Credit risk management by banks Foreign currency risk management by bank Management of capital by banks Asset-liability management by bank Study of export of specific items Study of impact of specific exports on domestic economy Case study of lead bank scheme Study of microfinance by banks Study of public sector lending by banks Study of emerging banking regulations Study of foreign exchange controls Researcher has made two categories of sampling units.

In this project all shareholder population but due to limited time and convenience researcher has selected ten shareholder. After selecting the sample data which is required for project work was collected from them. The units of analysis so collected for observations and stud are known as the research data. Collection of data is an essential part of research.

But secondary data related to his subject is not available so secondary data is not collected. It means taking general view of specific objectives for specific purpose survey method deals with a.

Questionnaires consist of number of question printed in definite order. The question should be. It seeks responses from the respondents. Researcher has adopted survey method.

In this respondents can write descriptive essay to express his view. There are 15 question in second part of questionnaire. All respondents gave question with in prescribe time limit.

Project pdf mcom

In this way researcher kept. This questionnaire is given to each respondent through personal visit. Second part included question which are required for collecting actual information required for project work. Time period of 8 days was given to each respondent for completing the question.

Out of8 multiple question. Read all question 2.

Project pdf mcom

Write answer neatly 4. Tick out appropriate option PART.

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Give answer of all question 3. Instructions 1. E-mail address 6 Name of company in which money is invested 7. Address 4. Why do you invest your money in share? Phone no 5. Do you take investment decision on your own or with help of profession? Occupation 3. Do you get copy of published annual report of company in which you have invested your money? Do you read annual report? If you are taking help of profession tick out the correct option from following. Tick out important content of annual report from your point of view?

Important items in balance sheet from your point of view? Give reason why above items are important? Do you read ratios? A Yes. In auditors reports if there are remarks of auditors. Why you think above parts are important? Do you read notice and agenda of annual general meeting?