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Narayan Sanyal (Bengali: নারায়ণ সান্যাল; 26 April in his first few " Kanta" series books, but forgot to do so for the latter ones. Gajamukta by Narayan Sanyal – All Bangla Books Pdf Book Name: Bihanga Basana by Narayan Sanyal - PDF Download বাংলা উপন্যাস ঃ বিহঙ্গ বাসনা. Open . Author of Kulera kān̐ṭā, Bhāratīẏa bhāskarye mithuna, Pāshaṇḍa-paṇḍita, Lā -jabāba Dehlī, aparūpā Āgrā, Āmi Netājīke dekhechi.

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All books of Narayan Sanyal - free download or read online. Sri Narayan Sanyal (26 April , Calcutta - 7 February ) was a Many of his books were filmed and he won the Best Film Story Writer. Kanta (Thorn) is a detective fiction series written by Narayan Sanyal. Narayan Sanyal is a prominent writer of modern Bengali literature. He wrote many books on.

All rights reserved. At the end of the story, the caught person is proved to be different than the original culprit. Kantai Kantai Series Volume 2 3. The main character of Kanta series is P. Krishnanagar College Magazine. Al Hikam: Authority control BNF:

Samaresh Basu , as the editor also a friend of Sanyal of Mahanagar , a magazine, published it in a Puja issue. It must be clearly mentioned that Sanyal did not just copy, he took the central theme and then adopted in proper Bengali atmosphere, so that the reader can find it as their homely incidents.

For this reason some changes in the original plot and a few anachronisms that suit, e. Besides, he everywhere mentioned the source, the changes he made in his script and why these are necessary. He also tried to keep the nomenclature resembling the original ones so as to offer his gratitude. He often referred P.

Narayan Sanyal

Basu , Bar at Law. This novel is the first P. Basu story by Sanyal, though he called it as a "trial ball".

Books narayan pdf sanyal

It was later adopted in a Bengali movie, Jadi Jantem in Here, Basu is shown to be an old, unmarried man; who solves the death mystery of a businessman. Sujata , who is an essential character of the following stories, was accused of murder.

Koushik , in a disguise of a driver, also helps her. Koushik is a typical example of bulk of the engineers who fails to manage any satisfiable job. This novel marks the proper starting of the series. At the end of the story, the caught person is proved to be different than the original culprit. Mahendra , his ex-employee, whom he revoked, suddenly comes back and starts blackmailing Jagadananda.

He, then seeks help from Basu.

Kanta Series All 6 Volumes by Narayan Sanyal Pdf Download Free

Meanwhile, police arrests Jagadananda in charge of killing his own nephew Jogananda. Joydeep , Nilima's fiance shadows another ex-employee of Jagadananda, Yu Siang , a Burmese , who is also supposed to come India to blackmail the old man.

Sanyal pdf narayan books

Finally, Basu succeeds to make him free catching the culprit. Rabi Bosu , a police inspector, who is prevalent in some later stories, is introduced. This story is about a ticket of lottery and a murder. Basu makes Prakash Sengupta , a doctor free from all charges of killing his friend, Kamalesh Mitter. This story has a very little to do with Basu.

Mahadeo Prasad Khanna , an ex- M. A parrot is taught in such a way that Rama Khanna , a Bengali lady, supposed to be married by Khanna is kept in the lock-up. Basu finally solves the issue by tracing some clues at the cottage, that includes a pair of wool knitting sticks in Bengali , which are called Uler Kanta.

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Bikash makes an excellent plan to put the blame on a retired Mathematics teacher Shibajee Protap Chakraborty. Chakraborty has a bit psychological problems and has past records of attempt of murder unconsciously.

Pdf books narayan sanyal

Bikash takes full advantage of this, by sending some letters to Basu. She donates all her belongings to her servants and non-profitable organisations, totally unexpectedly, as everyone anticipates that the old lady would give it to her relatives: This novel is unique in a way as it is written in a first person speech of Koushik Mitra. A distressed lady, Chhanda , is presently married to Tridib Narayan Rao , son of Tribikram Narayan Rao who is an aristocrat Rajput and also a business tycoon.

Pdf narayan sanyal books

She is accused of a murder of her previous husband Kamalendu Biswas alias Kamalskha Kar alias Kamal Chandra Ghosh , who also had previous marriages.

Basu saves the poor lady. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Narayan Sanyal.

Dashti Upanyas by Narayan Sanyal

Krishnagar , Bengal Province , British India. Kolkata , West Bengal, India. Kantai Kantai Series Volume 1.

Kantai Kantai Series Volume 2. Kantai Kantai Series Volume 3. Kantai Kantai Series Volume 4. Kantai Kantai Series Volume 5. Kantai Kantai Series Volume 6. Do you like this post?

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