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Objective Proficiency - MB. Objective Proficiency - MB. Objective Proficiency - MB. Objective Proficiency Second edition provides official preparation for the revised Cambridge English: Proficiency exam, also known as. Download PDF Objective Proficiency Student's Book with Answers with Downloadable Software, PDF Download Objective Proficiency.

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Скачать / Download: Objective Proficiency. Student's Book. Workbook. Teacher's Book. Test. Second Edition. (pdf, mp3). Cambridge Objective Proficiency Student Book With Answer 2nd Edition - Ebook download Oxford - Proficiency Masterclass Student's Book New Edition[1].pdf. Objective Proficiency Second edition provides official preparation for the revised Cambridge English: Proficiency exam, also known as Certificate of.

Show related SlideShares at end. Research has been done that shows that attitudes have changed remarkably in the last forty years. I know my rights and if I had a real problem I would have no hesitation in getting a lawyer in to plead my case. Far from it Paula. This place is great for real Spanish tapas. Betty Ingrid , Working Follow.

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Pdf students book objective proficiency

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Cambridge Objective Proficiency Student Book With Answer 2nd Edition

Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. We have to spend a lot of time studying, not just completing our homework but also reading round the subjects and practising our languages. If we were to do nothing, we would fail our exams! Secondly, in my experience, many students have parttime jobs at the weekends or in the evenings. They do this work in order to be financially independent of their parents, so quite obviously, they do not 'take everything for granted', as the writer maintains.

With respect, Mr Reid-Streebling's letter may say more about the problems within his own family than about trends among today's youth.

Speaking personally, I do not view my parents as servants and I always try to be a helpful member of the family, looking after my younger brothers and sister and assisting with the usual chores.

Of course, teenagers have different attitudes and personalities just like adults do, so it is not surprising that some are lazier than others. In the writer's case, perhaps some 're-training' of his grandchildren is necessary - they might well listen to him rather than their parents. From what my own mother and father have told me, I recognise that their childhood was very different from mine. However, I think they would agree with me that it was not necessarily more difficult.

There is a lot of pressure on our generation to succeed, in a world which is far more competitive than it was 40 years ago.

I am lucky to have the support and encouragement of my parents and will appreciate them even more, having read Mr Reid-Streebling's letter. Unit 3 3. Possible answer Ithink the one about red sky at night, shepherd's delight is true.

I've often noticed that if there is a red sky at night the weather the following day is good. It's something to do with the refraction of ice crystals in the atmosphere Ithink.

A rain goose is a type of bird. Play the recording twice first to get an idea of what it is about and secondly to write your answers. Good morning.

Now, the huge growth of interest in environmental issues has led to a careful re-examination of all kinds of traditional lore. He's just written a best-selling book, The History of Weather Folklore, which explains country sayings and the role of animals and birds in forecasting the weather.

Sayings my granny used to come out with, like Birds flying low, expect rain and a blow, which I've always felt rather sceptical about. Well, Sue, the way in which animals and birds can apparently predict changes in the weather before we can has always fascinated people and, for that matter, still does. If it didn't, the sayings wouldn't still be in current use, and of course, nowadays the weather is anxiously studied to see if the greenhouse effect is starting to bite.

But is there any truth in these old sayings? Given that there are so many, apparently at the last count, and they've been around a while, presumably they should be fairly accurate? Well, generally, there's a better chance of their being right for short-term weather forecasting rather than longterm.

Of course, the most interesting natural weather forecasters are the birds, which is why there are so many sayings involving them. Birds depend on the right weather conditions for flying and, in particular, birds that fly very high like swifts and swallows stand very little chance of survival if they get caught in a bad storm.

They are also insect feeders and when the weather is fine the insects are high and the birds will follow them.

Insects have good reason to dive for cover if rain is imminent as they are covered with water-repellent hairs. It actually doesn't take much for them to get completely soaked, so they respond quite rapidly if there's a drop in " temperature or a rise in humidity. So, there is an element of truth in that one. Now, I used to live off the coast of Scotland and they had a saying on the islands about a bird called the red-throated diver.

They used to call this bird the rain goose, and the saying went pretty much like this: If the rain goose flies to the hill, you can put your boat where you will, but if she flies to the sea you must draw your boat and flee. I must say that I used to be rather puzzled by this saying, as I didn't understand why it would fly out to sea when the weather was getting worse. Anyway, one time when I was out in a boat the wind started to get up.

We tuned in the radio and it said a gale was due from the north. We saw the geese everywhere flying around and heading out to sea. So despite common sense telling you otherwise, the saying of the local people seemed to be true.

Yes, and we still don't know the reason for its strange behaviour. But you know, not all weather lore is doom and gloom. Some birds can predict when things are about to brighten up.

Certain geese set off for their breeding grounds in Iceland when the weather is fine you just have to wait and watch and then plan your harvesting or house painting! Not very practical! However, if there is some truth behind these weather sayings, do they ever have any practical use? Obviously, weather lore had a very important application in the farmer's world. Farming and weather are intrinsically linked and the ability to predict, or at least think you could predict, was very important to them, although of course, they weren't the only ones with a vested interest in weather forecasting.

One of the things about human beings is that we do not like to feel that things are happening with no purpose whatsoever. Weather lore makes a connection between something that is happening and something that is going to happen - we need to feel we're not simply the victims of chance and circumstance. Although it's very difficult to put dates on these sayings, many of them probably go back thousands of years. Some of them work and some of them don't, and some of them don't even make sense.

Many actually negate each other. So, how reliable are sayings which predict the year ahead, if we can't even rely on ones predicting the weather the next day?

Well, I find it very difficult to believe that you can tell the rest of the winter from the way birds are flying or how your cat behaves in the autumn. By putting our own interpretations on how nature works we can get it completely wrong. For our ancestors the weather was a life and death situation - not just an inconvenience, and I They were really clutching at straws when they observed animal and bird behaviour and linked it to the weather, but they really had no other choice.

My thanks to Peter Watkins. Next week we'll They say the British are reserved because it's so cold and rainy, but there are many British people who are quite jolly! Again, not all Latin types are easy-going and lazy. People from hot countries work equally hard and I'm sure worry just as much about life as people from cold countries.

I don't agree with reinforcing stereotypes. Check in the Grammar folder on pages if you need more help. Read the note about gradable and ungradable adjectives before you listen to the recording. Answers 1a 2b 3a 4b 5a 1 You're quite wrong in what you say about her! Possible answer I am fairly certain that men are what their mothers made them. I often see mothers saying to their little boys, 'Oh, don't you worry about tidying up, dear, your sister will do it. I think both are equally important and often being knowledgeable is more useful than just having a good imagination.

They are all examples of basic forms. Check in the Grammar folder on page if you have any problems with this. Answers a Zero conditional used for general truths.

PDF Objective Proficiency Student's Book with Answers with Downloadab…

The article is about animal behaviour and how it may be possible to use it to predict major earthquakes. You are given the answers here, but in the examination you have to think of them yourself. Women and girls are often silently angry and 'freeze' out the person they are angry with. Men tend to be more aggressive and physical.

You are not allowed to take a dictionary description R into the examination. It is to try to get out of the habit of translating every word. Some words defy translation anyway! Answers 1 A in a magazine or newspaper vocabulary - not specialised, 2 STRAN in another Possible answer a Should you see her, could you tell her my address? OR Should you happen to see her, could you tell her my address? Students often find it difficult to find different ways of saying the same thing.

Here you are introduced to the use of negative prefixes. You will gain marks if you can show you can manipulate language, either to make a sentence shorter or to show you can paraphrase a sentence. It is important that both students should contribute equally to the discussion and they must both give reasons for decisions. The cartoon illustrates the idea of 'noisy neighbours'. There are many expressions using 'off' in this way - most of them taboo.

Remember that only between three and eight words are required. A contraction counts as two words. Don't forget to use the key word. It doesn't matter how rude people are to you at work or in the street, but when you get home you should be able to relax and not have to worry about noise. My second biggest bugbear is unpunctuality. Ithink it is very rude if people are continually late for appointments.

Ithink it shows a lack of respect for other people. As for the other things in the list, Ithink being overtaken by a sports car is the least of my worries! Another example of ritual behaviour in eating and drinking is making a toast at an official dinner, where everyone raises a glass and drinks to something or someone.

The word should make sense in all the sentences. Answers open 2 task 3 turn 4 strictly 5 distinguish 6 seriously 1 The underlined parts of the tapescript confirm the answers. I use the word 'large' of both the group and the amount of food on offer. The pattern is always the same: Once the wine has started to flow, the praise of This in turn leads to the more general but equally predictable debates on politics and the world at large.

Manners always prevent us from actual bodily assault, but the verbal gloves are certainly off at this late stage in the proceedings. As the insults start to fly, the host hurries away to prepare coffee, hunting out chocolates and jugs of ice-cold water, in a valiant attempt to restore calm.

Ritual behaviour dictates that all hostilities cease at this point and so, finally, peace prevails. After his second cup-of coffee, handing down a final blessing to the assembled group, the most senior member takes his leave, signalling that it is time for others to do the same.

Another memorable family occasion draws to a close. There were over thirty people present, ranging from young children to grandparents. We started off in the garden, eating appetisers and toasting everyone's good health - including the health of the entire Liverpool football team.

Eventually we all went inside and sat down together, at the longest table I have ever seenl There were so many succulent things to eat, including huge trays of sliced roast lamb and pork, different types of potato dishes, vegetarian salads and roasted vegetables. The meal was a leisurely affair, punctuated every so often by fresh supplies of warm bread or another bottle of Australian wine.

A tempting selection of desserts was then wheeled out and we were allowed to help ourselves and adjourn once more to the garden, where the sun was shining. Later still we came inside again, for the children to be given their presents.

It was a truly splendid day.

Objective: Objective Proficiency Student's Book with Answers with Downloadable Software

A is ruled out because the narrator says it had never happened before in his life. C is wrong as Mr Salgado did give his 2 cook advance warning. D is plausible though the first paragraph shows that Triton has plenty of culinary experience. The answer, C,is supported by the references Triton makes to Miss Nili's manner of eating in the second half of the first paragraph: A, though plausible, is not stated in the text. B is falsely suggested by the words I don't know where she put it.

B is wrong, as it was the one phrase Mister Salgado would say C is ruled out by Miss Nili's words in the next paragraph, where she says that Triton makes a lovely cake. D is not suggested by the text, apart from Triton's general comment on the petrified morass of all our lives, which is beyond the scope of the tea party.

A is wrong, as although Triton implies that the taxi is slow, a black tortoise, there is no suggestion that he is annoyed by this. B is not suggested by the text and it would be inappropriate for Triton, a servant, to have such feelings. C is wrong, as it is Miss Nili who is helped into the taxi by Mister Salgado. S The penultimate paragraph the one before the final paragraph shows that Triton feels positive about life when his work goes well: Suddenly everything becomes possible and the whole world B is the opposite ofTriton's view, for he felt stupid to need the pra ise.

C is not suggested by the text; in fact Triton appears to prefer being the sole owner of the kitchen. D is not suggested by the paragraph. A is wrong, as, although Mister Salgado drank 11!! Much6f his writing portrays the dilemma ii!! There is no evidence in the paragraph for B,as it was Nili who would murmur her approval. D,though plausible in view of Mister Salgado's nervousness before her arrival, is not suggested in the paragraph and Triton is the one who orchestrates the delivery of each part of the meal, with the exception of Mister Salgado's words No, bring the cake now.

Style extra Using similes sparingly in your own writing will demonstrate your range, as already highlighted in Unit 2. Another useful device is to replace a standard colour adjective with a noun phrase - for example, instead of 'brown: You can also supplement the adjective with a noun, to give a more vivid description - for example mint green, ice blue. The animals associated with Miss Nili are: The effect is to accentuate her appetite and unconventional behaviour.

The texts come from novels and non-fiction books, journalism, academic writing, everyday speech and other forms of written and spoken English. A powerful computer program allows the corpus 'browser' - in this case, both authors of Objective Proficiency - to call up many different examples of a single word, which provides a lot of useful information about common usage.

These examples of 'savour' have been chosen to show typically modern uses of the word. Answers wine a tools b list c female-like behaviour: Use compound adjectives in your writing to show your language range. Suggested answers 1 a an orphan baby lamb c junior staff 2 a about to be impeached c desperate for money Suggested answer Over years, forks have slowly become accepted as an important item of cutlery at the meal table. They have changed from being an implement for holding meat in place while it was being carved to being used for eating in their own right.

In the nineteenth century, their design was modified to increase the number of prongs from three to four. In the latter part of that century, the English introduced the fashion of holding the fork in the left hand while cutting up food with a knife in the right hand. The main points tapescript. Answers Ideal temperature for ripening: When the Moghul their mangoes, varieties one, 'begum Suggested answers A mango is fleshy, juicy when ripe, and rather sensuous.

Raspberries are soft, usually sweet, and heavenly with cream! Lemons can be quite fibrous and are tart, if not sour. They were great fruit-loving uh They established Bihar. It was the Muslim 8 a silly, not serious b with perfect features c wise, bright-eyed dynasties to thank for the amazing that grow empire was in and here they them according to their - they gave them the most names like 'passari', the loved pasan', the Nawab's wife's favourite Answers a The speaker uses the word 'perfect' ironically: Many countries are locked into importing food by air freight from other parts of the world for sale in supermarkets.

Generally, India does not fit this pattern. The thing about India, and Calcutta in particular, is that everyone here eats seasonally - there are no supermarkets, there is no option. And mangoes are everywhere - in every home, on every hotel menu, and sold on every street corner. In the markets, they're beautifully according arranged, stacked up to variety on big wide wicker baskets.

I headed out to an old family estate where they still have a number around of the original orchards. It has a massive, gnarled trunk and can easily grow to a height of sixty feet. OR This history essay is a complete dog's breakfast. I've put all my eggs in one basket work-wise. Harry got egg on his face when Professor Samuels confronted him in the canteen queue. Valentina now has bigger fish to fry in Bologna.

Liam is the apple of his mother's eye. I finally got Simon to spill the beans about his wedding. S Maria's earrings are selling like hot cakes on the market stall.

A Summer pudding, a dessert made with white bread and soft fruit raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, strawberries , garnished with mint.

Proficiency students book pdf objective

B Pineapple boat, filled with different varieties of fruit. C Open apricot tart, finished with toasted almonds and cream. D Apple cake. Suggested answers The review is not very successful.

There is only a minimal lead-in. The film is not named. The third paragraph is all plot, most of which should have been omitted. There is insufficient description of the special effects in the fourth paragraph.

The evaluation is barely attempted. To improve the review, the balance ofthe content needs to be addressed: Possible idioms are: Think of ways to improve what you have said, for example using a wider range of vocabulary. Possible answer Well, the apple cake is a complete dog's breakfast, so that has no chance of winning. I also feel the apricot tart is a bit rough around the edges - the pastry is almost burnt and it's a little too thick for my taste.

For me, the pineapple boat deserves to be shortlisted because of its visual impact, but I would award the prize to the summer pudding, which looks absolutely luscious - the fruit has a perfect consistency, the juice has soaked through the bread beautifully, and the mint garnish is the icing on the cake.

Writing folder Answers a Hollywood blockbuster film b the budget money spent c an interesting sub-plot part d portrayed acted by George Clooney e he heads out goes to sea f the safety of his crew men g th rough the eye of the storm worst weather h where the special effects kick in start i really outstanding very good j clever use of digital imaging computers k those gigantic big waves I the film also stars has Mark Wahlberg mthe film cuts to shows n the girlfriend, scanning the horizon looking out to sea o a prerequisite essential part of all films p its best feature thing 2 If you decide to write a review in Part 2, remember to address the question rather than merely describe what happens in the book or film you are reviewing.

Make early reference to the title for clarity. The picture is a 'still' from the end of the film The Perfect Storm and shows Mark Wahlberg clinging to wreckage of the fishing boat, in a very heavy sea. Its twenty short units provide This course contains twenty short units providing a wide range of challenging topics and offering lively yet systematic preparation for the Proficiency exam.

Ten lessons focus on the Paper 3 summary task, building up appropriate skills gradually. Authentic language examples taken from the Cambridge International Corpus illustrate a wide range of real English usage.

Cambridge Objective Proficiency Keys: Ten lessons focus on the Paper 3 summary task, Cambridge Publication date: Objective Proficiency Workbook with answers Publisher: