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This doesn't change the way the PDF document is displayed or downloaded by your users. Then in Google Analytics go to “Content”. 3 days ago By default, Google Analytics doesn't support file downloads tracking. PDFs on external domains (such as Amazon S3) will be seen by the. Adding the Analytics tracking code to your website is the key to getting your .. Finally, you can Export any of these reports to a PDF, Excel, TSV or XML file.

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Clicks on links to downloadable files (e.g. PDF, AVI, WMV) can be measured as Events or virtual pageviews. When you set up an Event to capture clicks on a link . Do you need to track downloads, like PDFs, Ebook, or whitepapers on your website? Google Analytics does not track downloads automatically. how to track PDFs in Google Analytics. When a visitor comes to your website, they leave behind their trail of online behavior through data which.

You can put some additional code on your website. One of my Analytics Course students, Marco, was faced with this problem. Analytics Fix issue. In contrast, micro-conversions usually just involve a click or two, so they often go untracked. MonsterInsights lets you accurately track your file downloads with Google Analytics. You can choose to use either line of code in your download URL.

And thank goodness!

Analytics google pdf s

Can you imagine a world without direct links to imgur. An analyst would have to view raw server logs to determine how many times a PDF was requested. Since there was no visit to the website involved, Google Analytics was clueless. Yet important data was sitting idle inside server logs, buried and inaccessible.

Enter server-side Google Analytics. This is a PHP-only solution. Thomas Bachem and others at United Prototype built a library for server-side Google Analytics called php-ga. By integrating with this library, we can 1 set an.

S google analytics pdf

And no additional cookies required! I would strongly recommend you use a new Google Analytics property for this. Please play it safe and use another property.

How to Track and View File Downloads in Google Analytics

Download the php-ga library. Look inside the folder labeled src and move autoload.

Create a new PHP file called download. This is where the magic happens. In the root of your website, open the.

Google pdf analytics s

This is a special system file that may be hidden on some machines. You may need to create a new blank. If working locally on Mac OS X, you may not see hidden system files by default.


This link can fix that. Our job then is to intercept the request for a PDF and reroute it to download. Remember the LunaMetrics custom user-agent string earlier?

Once your code is in place, go to your website and try to download a PDF… directly.

How to Track PDF Views in Google Analytics

Step 1: It is a screenshot of real-time Analytics stats, so you can figure out how downloads data are being shown in Google Analytics. There are several important components in every events report whether it be downloads, ad clicks, video play or any other. They are:.

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How to Track and View File Downloads in Google Analytics

Your Email Address. A few benefits of file downloads tracking are: You can discover how popular your downloadable resources are. You can determine which you should offer more of — and which one is a waste of your time.

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