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The Effective Executive by Peter F. Drucker. An Introduction. To be effective is the job of the executive. Whether he works in a business or in a hospital, in a. A handsome, commemorative edition of Peter F. Drucker's timeless classic work on leadership and management, with a foreword by Jim makes an. The Effective Executive - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Peter Drucker - summary.

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The Effective Executive in Action. Books by Peter E Drucker. MANAGEMENT. The Daily Drucker (withJoseph A. Maciariello). The Essential Drucker. The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible. @sajithpai. 1. The Effective Executive ( pages, ). Peter Drucker. Preface + Introduction. The subject of this book is managing oneself for effectiveness.

Individual development often improves because the executive sets the self development standard for the organisation. The executives job is to be effective. He also needs to have a more strategic view and identify how best the contributions of all can benefit the organisation. Unless the executive can reach these people, he will have no effectiveness. Related titles. These normally fit into 4 categories: Having made a decision the executive needs to consider the next action.

Drucker P.F. The Effective Executive [PDF] - Все для студента

Aim high and aim for something that will make a difference rather than something that is safe. Concentration then is the courage to impose on time the decision to act on the things that matter most and make time and events your servant rather than becoming theirs. Decision making is specifically an executive role, one of many but decisions are executive actions!

Effective executives make effective decisions.

Effective pdf the executive

This requires a systematic approach with clearly defined elements. Is this a generic or unique decision? Generic questions have normally been answered, whereas unique questions have new solutions to be considered. What does the decision have to accomplish? What must this decision attain as a minimum so that we can move forward? Aim at what is right rather than on what is acceptable. That way you can always avoid an early or incorrect compromise.

Build in a feedback mechanism so that you can confirm the decision has been correct or make another decision if it is required. Common counsel on decision making is to first gather all of the information. This is an impossible task to achieve and even more difficult to analyse if it where achievable. This isn't how effective executives normally make decisions. They normally start with opinions as untested hypotheses.

These need then to be tested against reality and the executive must consider facts to test each hypothesis. Each fact must be considered for relevance and for its appropriate measurement. Decisions then, do not flow from a consensus of facts but from the survivor of a number of competing alternatives. So any rigorous method needs to evolve from an awareness that opinions come first and analysis second.

Pdf executive the effective

The executive then encourages input so that various opinions can be tested against reality. This requires the correct criteria to be investigated and presented and in measures that are appropriate to the problem. This is not a mathematical exercise because we cannot always measure the criteria in the problem domain. It is more a risk-based judgement.

Alternative solutions must be considered. Unless you consider alternatives you have a closed mind and may have missed a better solution. Beware the intuitive solution. Encourage disagreement. Don't think right or wrong, but make a commitment to identify why people disagree.

Pdf executive the effective

Insisting on disagreement:. Stops the decision making being constrained to the limits of the organisations thinking. Record where the time is spent. Eliminate wasted time and leaks and spend time where it is most effective.

Apply yourself to First things First. Make effective decisions using a robust system of exploration and disagreement. It is not possible to overestimate the impact that Drucker has had on modern management theory.

This book in particular has significant lessons for anyone that wants to improve their personal effectiveness. This summary captures a little of the knowledge contained in the original text, in particular the case studies and anecdotes that support Drucker's points.

An excellent book, well presented and an essential addition to any manager or leader's library. Read it often! Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Business Growth Masters 3. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Peter Drucker Overview This is perhaps the seminal work on how an executive should manage his self to be both efficient and effective.

Drucker P.F. The Effective Executive

Chapter 1 — Effectiveness Can Be Learned The executive's role is to 'effect' and' execute' but most executives although intelligent and knowledgeable seem to lack the ability to put that knowledge and intelligence to real effect. There are four major factors over which an executive has no control and conspire to make him less effective: There practises or 5 essential habits of Effective Executives are: Chapter 2 — Know Thy Time Effective executives know that time is a limiting factor.

The key to time effectiveness is a 3-step process: With an idea of what you are doing with your time you can then ask some investigative questions: Identify what does not need to be done and is only wasting time? What can be done by someone else and probably better? What do I do that uses time without being effective?

These questions help identify the time leaks. These normally fit into 4 categories: Time is wasted due to lack of planning, foresight or a system. Time wasted due to over staffing and things therefore takeing longer than required.

Time is wasted due to poor information flow, format or availability. Now that time needs to be used effectively! This is a particularly important factor in motivating a knowledge worker. Focusing on contribution supplies four basic requirements of effective human relations: To focus on contribution is to focus on effectiveness!

Chapter 4 — Making Strength Productive The effective executive makes a personal, a team or an organisational strength as productive as possible.

Effective executive pdf the

Each job must be big and demanding so as to challenge the person in it. Each job must be designed by what the man can do not what is required. Chapter 5 — First Things First If there is one 'secret' of effectiveness then it is the ability to concentrate. The more he can concentrate his effort and resources, the more that can be achieved The key elements of putting the first thing first are: Chapter 6 — The Elements of Decision-making Decision making is specifically an executive role, one of many but decisions are executive actions!

Focus on these key points to help ensure an effective decision: What are the boundary conditions for this decision? Convert the decision into action. A decision without action is just a wish.

These then are the elements of the decisions process. But what of the decision itself? Chapter 7 — Effective Decisions A decision is a choice between alternatives based on information and judgement Common counsel on decision making is to first gather all of the information.

The first question to ask is 'Is a decision really needed? Let us assume that one is. Insisting on disagreement: Ensures you consider alternatives. If we all think the same then no one is thinking. Having made a decision the executive needs to consider the next action.

The executives job is to be effective. Effectiveness can be learned. The key points are: Focus on the contribution. Where is effort best spent? Make strength productive. Summary Conclusion It is not possible to overestimate the impact that Drucker has had on modern management theory.

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The Effective Executive

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