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I was originally directed to Donald E. Scott's book, The Electric Sky (Mikamar map/pub_papers/firstyear/basic/ This is the free Adobe PDF version of my book which will be a living . of Massachusetts/. Amherst (retired) and author of “The Electric Sky”. The Electric Sky – A Challenge to the Myths of Modern Astronomy Donald E. Scott Mikamar Publishing, pages. It seems like every time we send a new.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. I really love this book. It is causing me to rethink a great deal of my The Electric Sky - Kindle edition by Donald E. Scott. Download it. The Electric Sky and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. The Electric Sky Perfect Paperback – November 30, This item:The Electric Sky by Donald E. Scott Perfect Paperback $ A retired professor of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Donald Scott has produced pages of compelling material on the Electric I am convinced that The Electric Sky deserves the widest possible readership Print Friendly, PDF & Email.

This idea not mentioned in The Electric Sky "Then the fourth angel blew [his] trumpet, and a third of the sun was smitten Science Rules 3. That is real science, and real learning. This book contains astronomical science for the expert written for the public. Shake Hands With the Plasma

The Electric Sky

His interest in astronomy led him to come up with a different way of understanding the universe using plasma as the primary component that fills all space and forms the stars and galaxies. Their cherished notions and government-sponsored research are threatened by what they consider to be a meddler in their affairs.

This is very similar to what creationists or intelligent design advocates have experienced in academia.

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Scott identifies astronomy, geology, and archaeology as three disciplines that are dominated by ideas which cannot be supported by evidence, but are nevertheless firmly entrenched and resistant to alternate theories. The Catholic Church is criticized in this book for its dealings with Galileo, who was promoting an idea that was contrary to the accepted understanding of the universe of his time.

Geocentrists of today might argue that Mr. Scott is being unfair since it has never been experimentally proven that the earth is moving.

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In any case it is clear that motives other than the unadulterated pursuit of truth drive many scientists and academians to disregard alternate theories. An interesting tidbit of information came out on a discussion of the size of the universe.

He is a lifelong amateur astronomer. Introduction 2. Science Rules 3. The Case of the Missing Matter 6.

Electric pdf the sky

The Case of the Missing Neutrinos 7. The Plasma Pioneers 9. Shake Hands With the Plasma The Electric Sun Open Magnetic Fields and Other Fictions The Solar System Stars Electric Cosmology Stragglers, Bursters, and Pulsars Galaxies Redshift and the Big Bang Lowering the Drawbridge App.

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Birkeland Currents App. Computation of Redshift Values App. Solar Electron Flux App.

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Open Letter to the Scientific Community. Through unimaginable labors, our ancestors carved unexplained pictures on stone, numbering in the tens of millions.

Hurrican Galaxy - Messier 81 text relating to image above anchoring to section below. Revelations 8: Largest Sun Spot in the Universe found or "a third of the sun was smitten". Scott Electrical Engineer is a very good introduction into the space part of the EU.

His own Electric Cosmos site has a lot more on the Electric Universe.

The Electric Sky - Stickman On Stone

Subjects in The Electric Sky book include: It's an essential EU book. You can read more about it including reviews and the 1st chapter pdf and how to buy the Sky.

The couple of topics below are not from Donald Scott himself one image is but his book will help you to investigate your Electric Sky and Universe.