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Dishonored Game Guide - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) here gold, food, ammo, three Sokolovs health elixirs, an official guard report. The Dishonored 2 Strategy Guide is the official companion guide and walkthrough for Dishonored 2, published by Prima Games and set to be released on. Prima Games has officially released over 75 eGuides absolutely free! Your guide can be viewed either through the official website or downloaded in the form of a PDF. Rumor: Resident Evil 7 Will Be Revealed at E3 · New Dishonored 2 Screenshots Lift the Lid on Karnaca · Doom: Every Weapon.

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Steam-samfunn: Steam Artwork. Free Dishonored 2 strategy guide pdf official game book walkthrough OFFICIAL GUIDE PDF HERE. 12/3/ AM Alone in The Dark (Official Prima Guide).pdf 1/2/ PM Dishonored (Official Bradygames Guide).pdf. Dishonored's Walkthrough is broken into "medium" Chaos, Low Chaos, and High Dishonored starts with Corvo taking a quick tutorial about looking around.

Its especially recommended, because you can easily sneak up to the guards from behind and eliminate them by either killing or choking them. You can do it by jumping or teleporting over the roofs of buildings. If you dispose of them, you will be able to explore the area, thus obtaining gold, two Sokolovs health elixirs and a rewire tool. You can either enter through the main entrance the above screenshot , or use Possession on one of the nearby rats, in order to gain access through the ventilation system. After you teach the blocked passage, collect food and a note from a friend, then start climbing by grabbing onto further chests. After the execution, do not forget to ransack the room to find gold Custis has a pouch on him.

Your blade attacks can be initiated with the left mouse button. After you deal with the assassins, you will watch several cut scenes, and you will be promoted to the games main quest.

Read the message This mission will take place entirely in [Coolridge Prison]. Take the opportunity and note that you can already access the characters journal by pressing J key. Apart from information on current quests, it contains contents of the documents you find.

The last tab is the player characters Inventory. After you acquaint yourself with the journal, approach Bread on the floor and press F key to find anonymous message and Corvo's cell key.

Take a weapon Use the key that you have just acquired to open the cell door. After you leave the cell, approach the table located right in front of you and collect gold and city watch sword. New Main Quest: Fight or sneak your way to the footbridge Copyright Gry-OnLine.

Stop at the entrance to the new room and wait for guards to dissipate. You definitely should not try to fight your way through, especially that, as of now, you do not have any pistol and youd have to fight four guards. It is better to stay hidden.

Steam-samfunn :: :: Free Dishonored 2 strategy guide pdf official game book walkthrough

Warning I recommend saving your progress, as often as possible, by selecting the appropriate option after you pause the game, or by hitting the F5 key regularly. You could kill him left mouse button but its better to go for a more stealthy variant and knock him unconscious. You do this by pressing, and holding down, the left CTRL key the above screenshot.

After you either kill or knock the guardian down, lift the body and carry it over near the area where you have started. I recommend developing the attitude of hiding bodies in dimly lit places, which will decrease the risk of alarm being sound later on. You may behave two different ways here.

If you want to dispose of the guards, I recommend following the one that went to the neighbouring room the above screenshot. Only after you deal with him, turn your attention to the other one. In both cases, I recommend that you loot the guards gold, by pressing the F key you need to be sneaking behind the looted person. I recommend that you use the pillars if you chose to do that.

Since the pillars do not ensure maximum cover, position yourself as close to them as possible. In this case, leaning from behind the pillars Q and E keys helps. Sokolovs health elixir and a pistol. Move to the next room, position yourself in the spot shown in the above screenshot and start climbing.

You do this by approaching walls or interactive objects and pressing the SPACE key after an appropriate icon appears. Approach the door that leads to the footbridge. If you are still sneaking, it is a good idea to peek through the keyhole by pressing and holding down the F key , to make sure that the guard is not facing you. Steal from him the yard walkway key. I recommend that you additionally neutralize him its up to you how , although you can leave this place if you do not want to eliminate anybody.

In order to do that, you need to walk through the gate on the left the above screenshot and use the key to open it you may ignore the stairs to the right. Everything you would find there is a small room with rats in it. This way, you will reach Yard Walkway.

Watch out for the guard that will appear in front of you out of a sudden. Look around for a gold pouch and follow the abovementioned enemy. Depending on what you like, you may either neutralize the guard the above screenshot or avoid him carefully, and wait for him to move towards the walkway again.

Regardless of whitch path you choose, go down or jump down downstairs, collect gold and choose the door to the interrogation room.

Pick up the explosive Copyright Gry-OnLine. Interact with the device shown in the above screenshot to acquire the first Audiograph Interrogation of the Royal Protector. Apart from that, you can also find gold and duty officer's report. In here, you can find gold and a book The Trials of Aptitude. Finally, open the safe and collect the clockwork explosive. Cross the yard Exit the interrogation room and note that one of the Guards opened the door to the prisons main yard the above screenshot.

Go there and enter [Prison Yard]. Go down the stairs, hide behind one of the pillars and wait for the opponents conversation to finish. If you want to avoid the guards you should take the path to the right shown in the above screenshot.

This way you will easily reach the stairs. If you decide otherwise, deal with the stationary guard first and after you hide his body, turn your attention to the other one.

There is nothing interest worthy in the yard, apart from a small amount of gold, although one of the guards has a yard key on him. You can either climb the stairs mentioned earlier the above screenshot , or return to the starting point and use the yard key the one stolen from the guard to open the door located near the cell that was earlier occupied by Corvo.

In my opinion, however, this is not necessary. Either way, you will get to [Control Room Section]. Enter the hallway leading to the outer door Copyright Gry-OnLine. Variant one assumes using the pipes adjacent to the wall on the right of the room you are currently in. Wait until the guards disperse and go right hiding behind objects on your way the above screenshot.

Find the place where you can start to climb by jumping from one pipe onto another. After you reach a new area it is up to you either to jump down somewhere in a safe spot e. In the case of this variant, I suggest dealing with the guard patrolling the corridor first. You just need to make sure that you do it out of anybodys sight the above screenshot. Traditionally, you need to drag the unconscious or killed guard into a darkened spot.

Start with the one located the closest to the starting point and enter it only after the guard turns away the above screenshot. Next, peek through the keyhole and enter the neighbouring room at the right moment to deal with the last of the guards. Then intereact with the switch located in the second of the side rooms. Warning if you do not want to attack guards, you should immediately make use of the door leading to the room with the switch, being mindful of course, of the last of your enemies actions.

Plant the explosive Copyright Gry-OnLine. The first one of them is standing at the gate the above screenshot. If you are on the lower level, you need to attack him and drag him away into a dark location, being careful, at the same time not to get within the sight of the other one of the enemies.

If you are on the pipes on top, you may either jump down onto the guard or avoid him by choosing pipes leading to the balcony on the left. Regardless of your position lower level or the pipes you may get him from behind and neutralize, or try to avoid him.

In the case of the latter, I recommend turning your interest to the objects that you can hide in, like a crate or a trash container. You can also use the switch to close the gate, which will make it a bit easier to avoid guards after the explosion occurs.

The last thing to do is plant the explosive on the marked wall by pressing F key. Jump from the bridge I recommend that, right after you plant the explosive, you turn left and hide inside the crate shown in the above screenshot. Theoretically, you could run out of the prison right after the explosion. It is, however, a better idea to wait for the guards, who appear here after the explosion, to leave the area after they explore it.

Dont worry about falling from height. I recommend that you note the guards patrolling the walls to the right. You should definitely avoid getting within their sight because they are armed with firearms and may attack you even at a distance this large.

Reach the sewer tunnels Copyright Gry-OnLine. Swim up to the wall occupied by the enemies and turn towards the sewers entrance the above screenshot New Main Quest: Escape into the sewers Copyright Gry-OnLine. This way you will avoid unnecessary alarm. Take the narrow path to reach a new location you need to confirm that you actually want to enter this location by choosing the upper-right option.

Find the supply chest in the sewers Start exploring [Dunwall Sewers], by opening the closest gate. After you teach the blocked passage, collect food and a note from a friend, then start climbing by grabbing onto further chests.

Your destination is the section localized near the ceiling. Go straight here and watch a very interesting cut scene featuring a guard and a small group of rats. Go straight here and reach a wider tunnel. Do not approach the rats visible to the right, or else theyll attack and there is no point in wasting ammo on them, because you would gain nothing. I recommend jumping into water right away and follow the current to reach the partially flooded tunnel shown in the above screenshot.

Climb up the stairs and approach the body hanging on the cranking mechanism. Carry the body away just drop it anywhere and interact with the crank itself.

Press and hold down the F key until a new passage opens. You should be able to reach a much larger room with rats in it. You need to solve an easy puzzle here.

Begin by reaching the central platform with bodies on it the above screenshot. Meanwhile, you need to avoid the abovementioned rats, so try and jump over from one large object to another, and use ground only to run to the main platform. This should draw the attention of the rats, which will give you enough time to reach another cranking mechanism and interact. Note if rats attack you anyways, try and toss the next body even further away from the crank.

If you, however run out of bodies, wait for guards to throw further bodies into the sewer. After you find yourself in a wider tunnel, turn right and climb up the stairs. Look around the place for gold and food. Approach the chain and press F key to grab it. Start by exploring the surroundings of your starting place, as well as the lower level for the time being ignore the stairs to the left and the corridor to the right to find food and gold. It is also worthwhile to jump into water and examine the dead body floating there.

Return now to the starting point and turn your interest to the upper balcony shown in the above screenshot. Interact with the launcher to disarm it and acquire an incendiary bolt. After you reach the end of the plank, jump over the balustrade. Look around for Sokolovs health potion and gold. You may also disarm the second one of the launchers and acquire another incendiary bolt.

Guide pdf dishonored official strategy

With both of the launchers disarmed, you may well cut the cord in your way the F key because you will come to no harm now. Choose now the stairs you ignored earlier, and ignore the other vertical cord. Explore the new area thoroughly and find gold. Finally, approach the supply chest shown in the above screenshot. Read to the Lord Protector and collect special equipment, i.

Corvo's crossbow, Corvo's folding blade and Dunwall sewers gate key. Escape the sewers to meet a new ally If you nowa want to , make any alterations in your equipment, you should press and hold down the middle mouse button I recommend pairing up your blade with your crossbow with sleeping bolts. Otherwise you should use the key from the chest to open the nearby gate. Youd better avoid the new trap by following the games suggestion, which is by running the SHIFT key and sliding by pressing the C key the above screenshot.

After you do that, collect the incendiary bolt from the launcher to the right. Look around for food and a note Jelly's share. Read the note and explore the area to find digits painted behind the empty bottles. Now approach the safe shown in the above screenshot and enter the combination , which will lead to opening the safe.

Inside you will find gold and Sokolovs health potion. After you reach the next area, you I recommend that you mind your steps because you are nearing the only area in the sewers with guards in it. Explore the area for food, health and Sokolovs health potion. Decide now whether you want to jump into the main hole or into the side hole to near yourself to the edge the above screenshot.

All in all, there should be only one guard left below and you may do one of three thins here. If you dont mind eliminating your opponents, jump down onto the guard and perform execution left mouse button right before landing.

If you want to put him to sleep, jump down right behind him the above screenshot and press and hold down the left CTRL key. If you choose to avoid him, wait for him to go right and quickly start exploring further part of the sewers.

You can pass overhead on pipes above the above screenshot or use the chain of underwater tunnels. In the case of the former, you need you would have to turn left immediately after reaching the next area. If you however dream of taking a diving class, just remember to resurface regularly underneath metal footbridges, which will ensure not being noticed. I recommend that you wait until two of the guards position themselves at the two balustrades shown in the above screenshot.

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After you dispose of them, deal with the remaining one. Because he changes his location often, it is best to swim up to him. Otherwise you should immediately go towards the passage leading up to the next part of the sewers the above screenshot.

On your way you should take a look into one of the trash containers, where you will find food and gold. You need to reach the Dunwall sewer exit shown in the above screenshot.

At the end of the meeting you need to decide if you want to leave the area right away the upper-right dialogue option or you want to remain here the middle dialogue option.

In the latter case, you might wish to explore the nearby water reservoir in search of additional loot. I recommend against it, though. There are a lot of piranhas in these waters and youd have to kill them from the surface or lose a lot of health points.

Leaving with Samuel means completing this mission. Enter the pub through any of the doors it may be the one with Samuel at it the above screenshot. Warning - the location is a sort of a base, and you will be returning here many times during your gameplay.

The area is vast and it is rich in loot gold, notes, books, audio journals etc. I would even strongly advise against it, at least until you unlock Blink power teleport. Thats when you will be able to reach several initially inaccessible locations. This will also make it easier to travel between individual islets less problems with piranhas.

Listen to the conversation, at the end of which you will be sent to Piero. Turn right and enter the newly opened workshop building, occupied by Piero. Initiate conversation with him and you will be asked to perform an easy task. Get a fresh whale oil tank from upstairs Copyright Gry-OnLine. Note If you drop the tank or cause it to detonate in any other way, you will have to undergo an additional procedure. Youd have to summon an empty tank using two devices located upstairs, and fill it with whale oil.

Place the whale oil tank in the receptacle Copyright Gry-OnLine. Piero will reward you with an assassin's mask, and additionally he will let you buy supplies and upgrades from him the upper right dialogue option. If you have enough gold, it is of course worth to buy something cool. Go to bed and get some rest Copyright Gry-OnLine.

Right after you enter it, turn right and you will be facing a staircase the above screenshot. Use the stairs and go to the uppermost, fourth floor. Approach the marked bed and interact with it.

Guide dishonored official pdf strategy

Confirm that you want to go to sleep upper-right option on the list Copyright Gry-OnLine. Something's not right The whole of the level serves as an introduction to the supernatural, that Corvo will be acquiring throughout the game. Begin by leaving the bedroom and following the linear path to meet with the Outsider. The man will give you the first one of your powers, called Blink, that works as a teleport.

It is much better to point to the destination manually, i. Thats what you should do to teleport to the platform visible in the distance the above screenshot.

Note each time you aim, make sure that Corvo will land safely, because falling from heights may kill him. Start teleporting now from one platform to another the above screenshot and remember that you do not need to hurry. Go forward to find another chest with Pieros spiritual remedy.

Make sure to teleport to the higher platfor correctly the above screenshot. Your destination is the platform with the Outsider on it. He will give you the heart and instructions on how to find runes. Collect another Piero's spiritual remedy and go straight ahead. On your way, you need to jump into the hole shown in the above screenshot. Go to the other end of the room and jump down again, to land near a chest with the fourth Piero's spiritual remedy.

In order to get to a platform with a runeon it, you will have to use Blink teleport again, so select it in the roll- down menu or press the appropriate hotkey.

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After performing two successful teleports, approach the rune and collect it. Use the rune to unlock the first power from the list there are two to choose from and listen to the last conversation with the Outsider. Leave the pub and return to the docks. From your inventory, select the heart and use it to find the rune.

Thanks to this you will determine that it is located on one of the islets. In the case of the latter, however, you need to watch out for piranhas.

Guide pdf dishonored official strategy

You may kill the fishes using gun for example , or avoid them by swimming shorter distances. Locate the islet with the rune on it the above screenshot and collect it.

Caution you do not have to use up the rune right away to acquire another one of the powers. You may keep it, thus starting a collection of runes required for unlocking better powers Copyright Gry-OnLine. Approach him and listen to briefing that he gives you. During the briefing you will learn that your first task will be to murder Campbell the Overseer.

On your way there you should be stopped by Callista and asked by her to save her uncle Geoff Curnow, who is the captain to the watch, from death. Confirm your will to set out to a new mission the upper-right dialogue option.

This means, above all, that you will generally have more freedom when it comes to exploring and you will be able to deal with problems you encounter in various ways. The missions main goal is to neutralize the High Overseer Campbell, but its also possible to take up several side missions.

All of the steps to take have been described in this guide. If you want to explore the area thoroughly, follow all of my instructions from end to end. If you prefer to concentrate on the main mission instead, turn your attention only to the pages with the note compulsory attached.

Further steps: Reach the first wall of light compulsory Examine the first wall of light optional I recommend doing the missions received from Granny Rags, and saving Griff the Scavenger from bandits. Cross the first wall of light compulsory Break into Doctor Galvanis house Its best to start doing the mission only after it is commissioned by Granny Rags. Contaminate the elixir supply in the Bottle Street Gangs headquarters optional it is best to do the mission only after you have already been to Doctor Galvanis Lab and you have the infected rat viscera on you.

Cross the second wall of light compulsory Reach Holger Square compulsory Approach the High Overseer Campbells Office compulsory Infiltrate the High Overseer Campbells Office compulsory Explore the High Overseer Campbells Office optional Inside the building, you can not only find loads of loot, but also complete an additional mission connected with the archives.

Gain access to the meeting Chamber compulsory Choose your way of eliminating the High Overseer Campbell compulsory Reach the yard compulsory Explore the yard optional It is best to explore the yard after eliminating the High Overseer Campbell, because it needs to be crossed in order to come back to Samuel.

Meet with Samuel compulsory Area Maps The below maps may serve as an additional help while navigating the area. A noteworthy fact is that you can also find these on your own.

The first one of the maps is to be found near the first one of the walls of light, the second one is located near the Overseer Martins holding place. The third one in two versions is located on the first floor of Overseer Campbells building. A the starting point of the square exploration B locked gate C the starting point of the yard exploration D docks 1 High Overseer Campbells building 2 yard passage Copyright Gry-OnLine.

A staircase 1 High Overseer Campbells building entrance 2 a room with urns 3 ground floor main hall 4 a room with urns 5 yard passage 6 to the basement 7 meeting room 8 the archives 9 the interrogation room Copyright Gry-OnLine.

Talk to Granny Rags in her apartment Your first quest is to get to the place where there is the first wall of light located. The easiest way to get there is to follow the main path. The area is patrolled by a sole guardian and depending on your preferences, you may either kill him, avoid him or put him to sleep.

On your way there, keep your eyes peeled for food, gold and a note Arthur's Note. You can jump into water and proceed alongside the waterfront until you reach the rocks shown in the above screenshot.

Climb up these rocks and you will wind up near your current destination without the necessity to worry about being spotted by anyone. Note You do not need to worry about civilians save crooks that you will meet later on. They do not raise alarm when they see you. The charm is hidden at the end of the bridge, from which two guards throw corpses into water. The easiest way to reach the amulet is swim up to the rocky ledge shown in the above screenshot and grab onto a loose chain.

In the meantime, you should also make use of the Heart to determine the Charms whereabouts. You also need to watch out for piranhas, as far as it is possible, avoid meeting running into them and limit time you spend in water to a minimum. Collect the Bone Charm, and food, gold and a book.

Note do not walk along the bridge. There are three guards further on and it would be difficult to avoid being caught within their sight.

It is way better to return down and reach the wall of light following the method described above by following the main path or by climbing up the rocks. Since the location is well lit, Id recommend that you attach more care to staying in dark. Also, do not come near the abovementioned bridge.

Examine each trash container and every crate to find gold and food.

It is also worthwhile to gain access to the guard booth shown in the above screenshot, because inside you will find a vial of Sokolovs health elixir, Pieros spiritual remedy, a Note to Sergeant Hayburn, a spring razor and a rewire tool. On your way, you will find another Sokolovs health elixir. You may also Blink teleport to the roofs of the nearby buildings to find a dead body with gold, bolts and Lookout Orders.

Then enter the building shown in the above screenshot, i. Granny Ragss house. To wind things up, talk to Granny the above screenshot.

During the conversation, you will receive Granny's front door key and you will be asked to solve the problem of the bandits at the door. The easiest way to deal with them is open the door and put up a fight.

Its a good idea to use the pistol, the crossbow of your powers during the fight. Watch out especially for those of the bandits that can breathe fire.

If you dont want to kill the bandits, you can go to the upstairs door, get them from behind and render them unconscious with sleeping bolts. Regardless of your approach, you are supposed to neutralize all three bandits. During the talk, you will learn about the reward.

Go now to the first floor and find the reward to be a rune. Listen to another conversation with the Granny and receive another quest. This time, you will be asked to break into doctor Galvanis apartament and steal a poison that you will have to place in the headquarters of the local gang. Note the description to the first part of this quest is to be found in the section Break into Dr Galvanis House,whereas, the description of the second part is to be found in section Contaminate the elixir supply in the Bottle Street Gangs headquarters.

Break into Dr. Ignore the distillery building and stop only after you see two bandits hammering at the door of a building with a civilian in it the above screenshot. They should scatter at this point and, as a result, it will be easier to render them unconscious or kill them. After you eliminate both of them, approach the barred passage and smash the planks using your blade the above screenshot.

I recommend that you, in particular, buy the blueprints that he has for sale. You will be able to use them to construct new items on your return to the pub. Note throughout the further part of this quest, Griff will be occupying a nearby square, and not the inside of the building where you found him. On the ground floor, you will find gold and food, and a bone charm on the first floor the above screenshot , plus gold and a book.

Leave the building now and take a turn to the right twice. You should reach a flat with food, gold and three books in it. The possibilities are plentiful and the game itself will suggest a few of them, by displaying hints after you approach the wall.

Note do not try to get through the wall without preparation even by means of teleporting , because this equals to Corvos death. The easiest, in my opinion, solution to this problem is to remove the whale oil container from the slot shown in the above screenshot. This will stop power supply to the wall. Its advisable especially that you do not even have to use teleportation while going up.

The action modifies the operation of the wall in such a way, that it now lets Corvo through and kills enemies that try to get through it. As far as its possible, I suggest that you remain here on the upper levels, because the entire of the area is patrolled by four guards. At the same time, you should turn your attention to one of the balconies the above screenshot that can be reached from the Griff side. On the balcony, there is a Sokolovs health elixir and a book. I suggest that you go now to Dr Galvanis flat and then to the ganga headquarters.

If you want to focus entirely on the missions main aim, you should skip to the part entitled Get past the second wall of light. The most obvious way of entering the house is through the main entrance, but in this situation, you would start on the ground floor and you would have to make your way through to the second floor.

This will allow you to go around the guards and Galvani;s servants on the lower floors. Regardless of which way of entering you choose, start the exploration of [Dr.

Strategy pdf guide official dishonored

Galvani's Office]. Search for a sample of infected rat viscera Copyright Gry-OnLine. If you are patient enough, you can eliminate them one by one, but you need to remember to carry the corpses away to the area around the main entrance.

Otherwise, I recommend that you go to the room to the left right away and collect Galvani building key on your way. The items that you can find are: There are two ways of reaching the first floor you can go up the stairs the above screenshot , or use the Possession power to possess a rat and go through a damaged ventilation system screen.

It is worthwhile to wait until they finish their conversation, because then, the guard should go to the second floor and leave the chambermaid exposed. Depending on what you like, you can either go around her, choke or kill her. You cannot, however, expect her not to react when she sees you, since she is Galvanis employee and would take you for a thief. It is worth noting that the chambermaid has a Galvani building key on her, i. You can determine the safe combination by reading Galvanis log its In the safe there are two bars of gold coins each.

Just like on the lower floor, you can go around the guard, choke him or kill him. The guard has a Galvani lab key on him. Some other valuable items can be found around like two spring razors and Cleaning Instructions for the chambermaid.

Variant one is about reaching the side room shown in the above screenshot and finding Pieros spiritual remedy on your way. While in the room, you need to Possess a rat and run into the nearby ventilation shaft.

Galvani's Lab]. It is also worthwhile to explore the entire lab for food, gold, two books, a document Galvani academy notice , Audiograph Galvani's Speculation, Sokolovs health elixir and another Galvani lab key.

To unlock the secret chamber, you need to pullone of the books the above screenshot. Galvani's Secret Room]. Collect the book, gold, Pieros spiritual remedy and the plague rat viscera, after which you will receive further instructions. You may now leave the building. It is best to do that through the door in the main laboratory. You need to backtrack to the alleys near Granny Rags house and the place where you met Griff. The entrance to [Dunwall Whiskey Distillery] is shown in the above screenshot.

If you intend to eliminate the gangsters, Id strongly recommend using your crossbow and eliminate them from distance. The main encampment is occupied by five gang members, plus two at the entrance, who will start to patrol the area only as soon as you come near the. Regardless of whether you decide to kill the gang members or just to overpower them, I recommend that you hide the bodies afterwards.

This will ensure that nobody will find them afterwards. Its also worthwhile to loot the bodies for gold and two distillery master keys. You can go past the gangsters, and near the distillery entrance, using pipes the above screenshot , or on roofs of nearby buildings.

Inside the roofed area to the left of the starting point, you can find gold, food, sleeping bolts, distillery master key and a book. To the right of the distillery building, there are a projectile launcher, gold and one more key. To the left of the entrance, there is an enclosed area the above screenshot that may be opened with the key. Inside, there is a Sokolovs health elixir, gold and a rewire tool.

You can either enter through the main entrance the above screenshot , or use Possession on one of the nearby rats, in order to gain access through the ventilation system. It is a good idea to perform a slide underneath the tripwire in order to reach a projectile launcher and disarm it. If youve infiltrated the distillery via ventilation system, you will end up in a small storage room. It is a good idea to loot it for food, gold, Sokolovs health elixir, Pieros spiritual remedy, bullets, spring razor and two grenades.

I also recommend the control room on the right, where there is food, gold,a recipe for Craxton and a key. It is much better an idea to choose the passage on the right that can be accessed through the blue door.

Watch out for two nearby guards and, at least one, additional enemy patrolling the corridor between you and your destination the above screenshot. You can also find gold and Pieros spiritual remedy there. Youd have to watch out for two guards on the main level, a single one on the lower one,and one or two more gang members on the balcony itself one of them moves around between rooms. It is good news, however, that you can get there not only by using stairs but also by climbing the chain.

It is the one that may be guarded by a single guard. Inside you can find food, gold, Pieros spiritual remedy, a book and a bone charm. Obtaining the charm is, unfortunately, very troublesome, because you need to blink teleport to the beam underneath the ceiling the above screenshot.

First, turn your attention to gold, bootleg still instructions, a spring razor, Sokolovs health elixir and a book. To do that, you need to pick up an empty elixir vial, drag it towards the machine, put it in the slot and choose the middle option after you put it in the slot. If you just want to contaminate the elixir, everything you need to do is choose the uppermost option after you interact with the valve the above screenshot.

New optional quest: Visit Granny Rags for your gift New optional quest: Be careful though because you may run into an trouble if youve missed an enemy on your way here, or failed to hide a body correctly. Go now to the Grannys place near the first wall of light and start a conversation with her.

The woman will direct you to a room upstairs for your reward. Just like in the case of the previous quest, your gift is a rune. Complete Walkthrough: Coverage of the entire game, detailing strategy for stealthy and brutal playthroughs— sneak across the rooftops or fight through the city streets! Learn about advanced bonecharm crafting and the all-new upgrade trees.

Discover strategies for customizing your powers and how to best use your set of powers, gadgets, and weapons to accomplish your objectives. Detailed Maps: Confidently navigate the rat-infested streets of Dunwall and the exotic coasts of a decaying Karnaca.

Find every mission objective, important location, and more. Coverage of the entire game, detailing strategy for stealthy and brutal playthroughs— sneak across the rooftops or fight through the city streets! Learn about advanced bonecharm crafting and the all-new upgrade trees. Discover strategies for customizing your powers and how to best use your set of powers, gadgets, and weapons to accomplish your objectives. Detailed Maps: Confidently navigate the rat-infested streets of Dunwall and the exotic coasts of a decaying Karnaca.

Find every mission objective, important location, and more.