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Disclaimer. The information, layout, pictures etc. Shown / contained in this brochure are indicative only. The builder / Developer shall not be liable, responsible. His best-known and critically acclaimed work is Vishnupuram, a deeply layered His other well-known novels include Rubber, Pin Thodarum Nizhalin Kural. His best-known and critically acclaimed work is Vishnupuram, a deeply layered Jeyamohan's output includes nine novels, ten volumes of short-stories/plays.

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விஷ்ணுபுரம் ஒரு 'காவிய நாவல்'. தன்னை ஒரு காவியமாகவும் கட்டமைத்துக்கொண்டு. Vishnupuram (Tamil) Hardcover Books- Buy Vishnupuram (Tamil) Books online at lowest price with Rating & Reviews, Free Shipping*, COD. - You can read more novels via app. If you are going to read novels in systems means you use. Home - Tamil Nannool. I feel discomfort while reading pdf novels .

Get to Know Us. He is one of the few authors to have travelled and witnessed first-hand regional conflicts, droughts and political problems that underlay issues like Naxalism in tribal areas. Despite taking clear stances, Jeyamohan finds himself at the center of many controversies, possibly due to his outspoken nature and conviction to values. Jeyamohan uses his website to continuously engage in a dialogue with his audience and participatively develop ideas and axioms. Jeyamohan Author. Also, Amazon has tons of limited time promotional items, which means free for a "limited" time.

The family moved to Dharmapuri , Padmanabhapuram and finally settled down in Nagercoil.

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During this phase, Jeyamohan commenced work on some of his most complex classical pieces, ideas which had been germinating for almost a decade. In , Jeyamohan met Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati which proved to be a turning point in his spiritual journey.

The dialogues with the Guru opened new views into the body of Indian thought, which culminated in the magnum opus Vishnupuram in Jeyamohan continued his frequent travels throughout India as a common man, in order to sustain the integrity of his narrative and to gain intimate knowledge of the fabric that kept the nation together despite the vastness of its size and differences in culture. He is one of the few authors to have travelled and witnessed first-hand regional conflicts, droughts and political problems that underlay issues like Naxalism in tribal areas.

His experiences convinced him of the continuing relevance of Gandhian idealism and non-violence as the sensible alternative to naked capitalism and militant socialism.

The leftist in him had been saddened by the collapse of the Soviet Union in , and a decade long introspection on the nature of power and self-righteousness found expression in Pin Thodarum Nizhalin Kural in The novel resonates with audiences even today with its incisive analysis of self-appointed destiny makers and the movements that they create. Post, Jeyamohan broke new ground in transcending genres and exploring the boundaries of creativity.

Kaadu was an exploration of the forest landscape as a metaphor for lust and the vigor of life. Critics have universally praised it for the latitude it allows for reader's imagination and interpretation. From to , Jeyamohan and his friends edited a literary journal named Solputhithu. In , his readership circle created the Vishnupuram Ilakkiya Vattam to broadbase the readership for serious literature in Tamil Nadu and to reward under-recognized pioneers of Tamil literature.

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At a time when India was rocked by huge bribery and political scandals, [ 9 ] during heated discussions on the nature and purpose of government, Jeyamohan took an opportunity to introspect and re-evaluate his integrity, values and commitment to the position that the humanitarian ideal far surpassed any other ideal as held by scriptures or law.

The result was a set of short-stories, titled 'Aram', that explored the high-idealism that is possible in man. Jeyamohan had been an active participant in Tamil internet discussion groups like Mayyam, Forumhub and Thinnai. As part of the debates, Jeyamohan produced some of his best essays on literary standards and criticism during this period.

Recognizing the possibility of losing some of these important works, Jeyamohan's friend and writer Cyril Alex [ 13 ] created the author's website for consolidating the author's works. Over the decade, the website has become an important repository of the author's essays. The author follows an innovative publishing model in which he serialises all new content on the website and allows free access, while simultaneously offering hardbacks and paperbacks through publishers.

More significantly, the website allows the author to freely engage in discussions with thousands of readers on the axioms that govern his works and thought. Some of Jeyamohan's most notable articles include topics on the Anna Hazare anti-corruption movement, 'Elephant Doctor' V. Krishnamurthy , and the Dalit visionary Iyothee Thass. Jeyamohan was one of the first Indian ideologues to write about Anna Hazare. In , Jeyamohan had published a set of essays ' Indraya Gandhi ' that examined the continuing relevance of Gandhi's methods and ideals in today's India.

As a part of the series, he sought to explain how the next generation of Gandhian leaders like Anna Hazare were continuing to inspire the nation towards achieving true democracy and equality.

Jeyamohan had personally visited Ralegaon Siddhi to see Hazare's social movements in action, and he also wrote about Hazare's tireless struggle to get the Right to Information Act passed in the Indian parliament.

Throughout , Jeyamohan continued to write about and support Anna Hazare's anti-corruption movement and the Jan Lokpal bill. Rather than focus on the minutiae of the bill itself, Jeyamohan focused readers' attention on the ideology behind Hazare's actions — how he appealed directly to the sense of justice in the common man, his symbolism, and the Gandhian method of achieving the ultimate goal through civil non-violent mass movement without letting up any opportunity to discuss and negotiate with political opponents.

Amidst widespread scepticism and slander flamed up by the national and regional media across the political spectrum, Jeyamohan remained rock solid in support of Anna Hazare's movement. By the end of the summer of , Jeyamohan had written close to 60 essays on the topic, many of them in answer to readers who had written in expressing their own doubts and questions.

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A compendium of translations of the essays can be found in http: Having grown up in the Kerala-Nanjl Nadu milieu, Jeyamohan constantly explores the deep symbolism and majesty of elephants in the Indian forest landscape. His works like 'Kaadu' and 'Mathagam' feature elephants in central roles, while his biographical and travel essays capture the centrality of nature, ecology and conservation to the Indian way of life.

One such true-life story on the conservationist Dr.

Pdf vishnupuram novel

Krishnamurthy veterinarian 'Dr K, the Elephant Doctor' sparked huge interest and discussion among readers on the impact of humans on forest life. Told in semi-fictional form as through the eyes of a forest ranger, the story follows Dr K as, despite having a giant reputation in the naturalist circles, he eschews human accolades and seeks a much more rewarding life in the company of animals in the Indian Forest Department's elephant camps.

An English translation of the story by Vishvesh Obla is at http: Despite taking clear stances, Jeyamohan finds himself at the center of many controversies, possibly due to his outspoken nature and conviction to values.

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Novel pdf vishnupuram

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Pdf vishnupuram novel

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Novel pdf vishnupuram

Bought it for my brother as a gift. He liked it. The best literature novel in Tamil. Greatest Novel in Tamil. One of the novel must to read.

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Vishnupuram is an epic, that presents a slice of life, in this vibrant ancient culture, at any point in time. It's not a book one just reads, but a magnificent vision - Dharisanam, to use the author's lingo - of a long lost glorious past and a not-so-different present, and even future, all rolled into one.

It'll most certainly show a mirror to the reader at some random page, which will shake the being so hard that one has to remind oneself that it's an imaginary tale in a book.

Or is it a tale within a tale, which is a million tales mixed in the blender of history, resulting in a delightful yet perplexing epic tale, that makes one wonder if it's possible to roam around the ruins of Vishnupuram It's a leap of faith that questions all kinds of faiths.

It's an exploration that digs up amazing aspects of this once-great nation from the ruins of a magnificent mythical city, which may very well be relevant for a current national mission such as SkillIndia. It's a rueful reflection of why we are what we are and why we may never be what we aspire to be. It's a potent reminder of the possibility of Pralaya ultimate natural destruction of everything in existence that humans will unleash upon themselves, if we repeatedly use history and pre-history as a mere reference to a laundry list of events on a linear time line and fail to learn the life lesson 'what goes around, comes around' in the Kala Chakra wheel of time.

It's an assurance to aspiring authors yours truly included that one can dare to explore unchartered terrains in the vast literary space, without being worried about who will like or dislike the outcome, which could turn out to be a genre by itself.

If all the aforesaid are a bit overwhelming, simply go ahead and read Vishnupuram, keeping aside all your preconceived notions about anything.